Apple clutch by ierdwyfke

I’m an enthusiastic Instagram user. I like taking pictures of all cool things I see and/or make, and posting them to Twitter and Instagram after applying an ever cooler looking filter to the picture.
The cool thing about Instagram is that you can follow other users who have the same interests as you. That is how I met ierdwyfke; a creative person also from The Netherlands. I saw some pictures she posted about the bags she makes, and I immediately liked them! I asked her if she did custom jobs (which she does) and when she posted a picture of her new oil cloth stash, I was in love with the green apple pattern one!

Anyway, long story short, my birthday came up and I wanted to spoil myself with something handmade! Yesterday I got a package in the mail, and it was awesome!!!

The bag looked absolutely adorable and cute. Because it was my birthday, she crocheted a little apple for me to go with the bag :) She also included a written card, saying how happy she was with my order and wishing me a happy birthday! She had also sewn a cloth sack for the bag to go in. All in all, it was great to unpack my present :)

So thank you ierdwyfke, for making me a one-in-a-kind apple clutch! I really really like it. You really have a gift for sewing! I will be rocking the streets of my town with this very soon! ;)



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