Summer crochet bag


Yaaaaay, it’s finished! Those of you following me on Ravelry have already seen my first summer crochet bag, and my friend liked it so much that she wanted one too! :)

So after she picked out the colors I started working on the bag, and the crochet part of it was completed very quickly, in a day or so. But the sewing part, man… I really gave my sewing machine a hard time there! It’s really hard to find the right tension for the thread when you sew through a thick layer of crocheted fabric and a thin layer of lining… But I managed! (after a couple of failed attempts and a lot of sweating and swearing…)

The yarn I used is really cool by the way. It’s Katia Degrade Sun, and as you can see in the pictures, it changes color veeeeery gradually! So this colorway goes from purple to light blue. I really like it; I also used it for my other summer crochet bag, only in a different colorway.
My friend did however want a solid color for the center and the handle, so I used Paris Drops there. Because this yarn is a little thicker, this bag came out a little bigger than the original one. But it still rocks, and it keeps it shape!

I also added a little something extra which my friend requested; a little pocket on the lining for her mobile phone :) That was actually the most fun part to make!

So here it is, my Tadah! of the week! Click on the images to view them in a larger size.






xo, wink

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