For the birds part II


I finished another one! :) I’m really having fun making these little birds! They are relatively easy to make and don’t take a lot of time to finish. This little one took about 5 hours to make, so you could do it in an evening if you really set your mind to it :)

I’m thinking about selling these on Etsy, you know, make a whole family of birds! And I would give them all different expressions :)

Next up I think I’ll make a naked bird! If you remember the clip (see my older post about bird no 1) at the end, the birds come falling from the sky without their feathers. I think that’s the most hilarious part of the short :) How cool would it be to make one, complete with a green leaf so it can cover it’s bird parts ;)

Aaaanywho, picture time!







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One Comment

  1. Hello!
    Your birds are too cuuute! I love them :) You’ve got a really nice blog…I’ll come back for sure ;)
    Thank you for visiting mine!