mini polkadot wallet


After I received my apple clutch from ierdwyfke, I quickly discovered that it wasn’t big enough to hold my humongous wallet. (I really have a ridiculously large wallet. Not because I’m loaded or anything, but mainly because it was also handmade and pink!)

So yesterday I went to the market and got some awesome green polkadot fabric which totally matches the green of my apple clutch! :)

Now, I’m not much of a sewer. Sewer? Sewing person? Seamstress? Whatever. I know how to work my sewing machine, but that’s about it. The only reason I got it (secondhand, mind you) was so that I could sew the linings for my many crochet bags with it, rather than doing it by hand, which takes waaaay to long. But lately I’ve really been getting into sewing because it is just so. much. fun! :)

So this morning I ‘designed’ a pattern for the wallet (just some measurements on a scrap of paper and a note to add the button before sewing everything together), and I must say, the finished product looks remarkably like an actual wallet! ;) Ofcourse, some of the seams aren’t perfect, and the parts where all the layers come together are a bit bulky and not so straight (even though I ironed the hems and everything!) but hey! I think it’s not bad for a first timer! :D







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