For the birds part III & just a little lovin’

Last week I finished the third Pixar bird! I think it looks really awesome :D Especially after you’ve seen For The Birds – you can just feel his shame :) I really have a lot of fun making these little guys; I plan to make a lot more!






I’ve also been crocheting this cool heart for a friend of mine, who is in need of a little extra love this week. I saw the pattern on Ravelry months ago and I made a mental note to make it as soon as the occasion arose! I also added a little tag that says “just a little lovin'”. I’m going to send it out tomorrow; I hope my friend likes it :)






Have a great week!


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  1. Aaaaahw cute bird! Hij kijkt wel verbaasd in vergelijking met de foto ernaast ;)
    En dat hartje heb je met garen van Astrid’s Wol gemaakt? Gaaf verloop! #melikey

    • Hey! Ja klopt, dat hartje is van superzacht 100% organic merino wol gemaakt :) Is mooi geworden he :D

  2. Het is een schatje!! Sowieso de hele serie Birds vind ik helemaal te gek.
    You’r really getting very good at this.
    Love, X