Raw edge applique pillow

Yay, it’s finished! :D (I should really check if all my posts start with that sentence… Oh well. Onwards!)

A few weeks ago I came across this website, and I immediately fell in love with EVERYTHING she makes! Oh my, I was in quilting heaven for at least a couple of hours, just browsing around her impressive space on the web. Now, I have never made quilt before, and I don’t think that my sewing machine would be up for a task like that! (it’s second-hand, but works very well for me. it is a little on the old side though, so I think it would literally *die* if I tried to make something like that with it…) However, I was very inspired by all the cool pillow cases she makes. And there were even a few free patterns!

So hop, skip, and a beat later, I was cutting out fabric and gluing it together like nobody’s business. I used Vliesofix to attach the flowers to the surface – I’m not sure about the proper English term but it’s like a double-sides layer of glue with a piece of paper on one side, so you can attach the glue to the object you want, and then, when you’ve cut out the pattern, remove the paper and glue it onto the surface you want to. Oh, and you do the gluing with your iron. Here’s a YouTube video that explains it better: click!

I glued the flower stems and leaves onto the surface first, and then attached them with my sewing machine using a small zigzag stitch. Unfortunately I don’t have the fancy blanket stitch on my machine, but I think the zigzag looks very nice! Sewing on the stems and leaves was fairly easy to do, because most of the time I was sewing in a straight line. But I really had to take it slow when I was sewing on the flowers ’cause *man* that’s hard to do! All those curves and circles in the middle… I was literally sweating! But, after an hour or two or so, everything was sewed on, and I even managed to get the little birdie’s tails curling :)

I ironed the hems of both sides (the backside of the pillow is blank) and attached them with a little strip of folded green fabric in between. I really like how it came out! I also added a label, and as you can see, the zigzagging is a little irregular at some places, but I decided that it goes very well with the whole ‘a creative being-philosophy’ ;)

So here it is: my first raw edge applique pillow! :D


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  1. Super leuk en vrolijk!!

  2. Is there no end to your talents?! Wow! It’s just so professional – you really haven’t done this before? I love your colour choices and the fabrics are so cute. Super design. I want it! I think the stuff you are taling about is called bondaweb here in the UK. The sewing fairies don’t want me to have it though as it’s sold out everywhere I go!
    Becky x