crochet hook clutch

I’ve been a real busy bee lately! I have so many projects on my needle and in my head, that I can barely find the time to photograph everything I finish! (but that really is a luxury problem, don’t you think?)

So I’ve seen a lot of DIY crochet hook clutches surface on the interwebs and I couldn’t help myself, so I made one! :) And I had just the right fabric. Remember my applique pillow? The inside or filling of that pillow was taken out of a thrifted pillow. That  pillow was covered in an orange corduroy fabric that was just perfect for this clutch! I also had some cool stripey fabric in my fabric basket (which I also used for the applique pillow) that was perfect for my crochet hooks: all I had to do was sew on the straight lines :)

I decided to include my most used hooks, a pair of scissors, my stitch markers, some darning needles and some sewing needles. For the needle pockets and the scissors pocket I used some cut off sponge and sewed it along the bottom, so the needles have a place to sit in, and won’t come poking through the fabric :)

The sewing wasn’t perfect but still I think I managed pretty good :) Take a look!


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One Comment

  1. You should be selling these! Absolutely gorgeous. Love your fabric choices and even your stitch markers coordinate.
    Becky x