mini crochet backpack

I seem to have found a pattern in posting: some crochet, some sewing, some crochet, some sewing… And since my last post was about sewing, it is now time for some… crochet! ;)

I found this pattern on Ravelry the other day, and decided that we all (you know, as humanity) need more backpacks! Especially cute tiny crocheted ones :) I left the creator of the pattern a comment, saying that I would love to make it in pink and white, and she said: “Thank you!! I think pink and white would be super cute!”. So, long story short, I made a pink and white one :)

The pattern was really easy to follow. It looks more difficult than it is! You start with your basic circle, increasing in each round to make the circle bigger, and then you stop increasing to go up, and that’s when you start the shells. They’re real easy: just crochet 5dc’s in the front loop of one stitch, and after a round of that you make another round in dc’s only but this time in the back loops of the previous round. Easy no? :)

I used very simple acrylic wool for this, for about 99 cents a skein, and a 5mm hook (H hook). My bag came out measuring 17cms in diameter and 23cms in height. I made the straps (or strap, rather, it’s one long strap you use) 150cms long. After the bag was finished I lined it with some white shiny fabric, and added a little pocket for a mobile phone or other thingamabobs. I think the creation of this bag took about a few hours for the crochet part and another 30mins for the lining part.

The bag really came out super cute and it is super light weight! Perfect for when you need to go out and run errands; this bag will fit your phone, keys and wallet.

I love it :) Thank you Susan Gater for this great pattern!


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  1. So glad you dropped by my blog, otherwise I may not have found yours. It’s BEAUTIFUL!

    Sarah xxx

  2. Thank you for such a lovely review! I really do think your rendition is adorable. I agree that humanity needs more backpacks! Also, I think sometimes we girls just need to be super girly and your pink and white colorway totally fits the bill! Super job!

  3. Love this and really love your site!!! Crochet/sewing obsessed crafter here too!!

  4. Very very very sweet!!