granny-licious baby blanket

First of all: I apologize for being away for almost an entire month! But with good reason. I have been so busy! Thankfully I took pictures of everything I made :)

First up: a granny square baby blanket for beautiful baby Fynn! :) On Twitter I was commissioned by @Versierseltjes to make a gift for her newly born nephew. I suggested a baby blanket and she loved it! She was great to work for too; she only gave me the littlest of direction regarding the colors used, and gave me carte blanche for everything else.

I started working on the blanket on a Monday, and finished it by Thursday. (I had a couple of days off so I had the time!) During that time, we had a little heatwave in The Netherlands, so I was passing yarn through my fingers at a living room temperature of 31 degrees Celsius… (and Americans, that’s 88 degrees Fahrenheit to you) I can tell you that even sitting on your bum crocheting a blanket can make you sweat profusely! ;) But ofcourse, with temperatures like that there’s not much else to do, so sitting and crocheting was in hindsight still the best option.

Picture time! Some Instagram pics of the process: (find me on Instagram! My username is winkieflash)

Some regular pics of the process: (which I completely forgot I took! I really surprise myself sometimes, teehee)

Alrighty, some stats:

Granny Square Baby Blanket
squares made: 36
colors used: white, beige, yellow, light blue, dark blue, ocean green
rounds on each square: 4 rounds
joining method: same as my granny square pillow (Lucy’s method)
amounts of yarn used: one skein of white, about half a skein of every other color
border: one round white grannies, two rounds double crochet (tr for UK), final round shell edging (5 dc (tr), sk 1 st, 1 sc (dc))
final size: I forgot to measure it! But I think that it was about 1 square meter. (about 40″)
final time: About 2 days making the squares, another for joining, another for the border

Before I sent the blanket I took it outside to make some wonderful pictures! I live near a little forest area which was perfect backdrop material :) Take a look!


PS Do you want a lovely blanket as well? Contact me! My info is on my About page. Also, you can find me on Twitter here. And I will be opening up an Etsy shop soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. Just blogged! :) granny-licious baby blanket

  2. Wat een leuke en lieve blogpost over het dekentje! We hebben het dekentje nog niet gegeven, doen we komende zaterdag (kraamfeest).
    De foto’s vind ik superleuk!