yarn party & zpagetti bag

This post has been long overdue, since it’s about my birthday party which was on June 19th! I celebrated my 27th birthday on May 5th, and I’m not really a birthday party type of gal. I usually think they’re too crowded and just, well, useless. But, a few weeks after my birthday, it came to me in my sleep: I would throw a Yarn Party! :)

I went online to look for someone that gives workshops and lives nearby, and I found her! Her name is Maria, you might know here from her blog, Marutska. She gives workshops on how to crochet, and she is a supplier of Zpagetti. Those of you who’ve seen my work have seen this material used many times, and I think it it just perfect for learning to crochet with because it is so big and chunky :)
So, emails were sent, dates were set, and the preparation began! I thought it would be fun to give the party a bit of a child’s party-theme, so I dressed everything in pink and polkadots :)

Instagram pics:

The party was a hoot; I invited two of my friends and my baby sister (who really doesn’t look like a baby anymore, man she is growing up so fast!). I provided them with petit-fours, home-made snacks (like stuffed zucchini and french toast) and ofcourse pink lemonade! :) Maria brought a lot of different kinds & colors of Zpagetti, and after everyone picked out a skein, we all started on our bags. Maria was great in explaining crochet to my friends (I mainly got her on board because I S*CK at explaining things to people…) and before the afternoon was over, there were 3 new crocheted bags to be taken home by the ladies :) Some pics of the afternoon:

Since I already own like a gazillion crocheted bags, I decided to make something else. It started out as a doily, then morphed into a bath mat, and after about 4 hours I completely frogged it all because the yarn didn’t want to become a mat! It wanted to become a bag, real bad. So the next day I used my newly acquired Tunisian crochet hook for Zpagetti (12mm!) and made the yarn into a wonderful bag!

It was a bit getting used to crocheting with such a big needle, I swear, by the end of the day I had my arm so worked out that it looked like I actually had some muscles in there! ;)
But in the end, I really REALLY like the look of Tunisian crocheted Zpagetti. It just looks so tough yet still pretty, you know? :) I took it outside with me to photograph in the same spot where I photographed the baby blanket. So without further ado: here it is! Tad-ah!

I used about 1 skein of Zpagetti with a 12mm Tunisian crochet hook. I finished the edge of the bag with a couple of rows of single crochet and another round of slip stitches. The bag has a beautiful handle made with braided leather, attached with big rings and decorated with wooded beads. I really love it :)

This bag will end up in my Etsy shop as soon as I open it. Are you interested in buying it? Let me know! Leave a comment or tweet me :)


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  1. Wow, that Zpagetti looks cool ;) Love your bag and I think the idea of a yarn party for your birthday is perfect!

  2. Yarn party! Best idea ever.

  3. LOVE IT, Love the yarn party idea. Next year going to do that for my birthday!

    Very late congratulations on your birthday!

  4. Your yarn party looks like the best thing ever, what a cool idea! I’m not a birthday-party sort of girl either, but that’s one kind I think I’d love. :D

    The bag looks great, too, the chunkiness of the yarn is fabulous.

  5. @pinkundine @Leah @RugbyMad @Kathleen
    Thank you all so much! The Yarn Party definitely is a great idea if you dislike ‘regular’ birthday bashes! ;) And you should all try Zpagetti – you will love it :) Thanks for leaving a comment!

  6. Loving that bag and the yarn you made it in!

  7. What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday! I love how your bag came out, too.

  8. The yarn party looks amazing! I am so jealous I want to do that for my next birthday!!

  9. Now I’m one who really dislikes hoopla, birthday parties, who wants to celebrate getting older? But my family is all “into” it and frankly it drives me nuts sometimes. Your party sounds fabulous, yours sounds like one I would enjoy. Love the idea! Darling pictures, Happy Belated. Great looking bag.

  10. What a great idea! It looks like you had a lot of fun, and the bag came out great!

  11. A yarn party! What a great idea! Looks like lots of fun.

  12. I agree with everyone! Yarn Party = great success and much fun! Also? Have only just begun hearing about zpagetti, but it sounds quite wonderful for many things.