back to business!

Oh my, I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post! If you would please accept my most humble apologies :)

I do have a pretty good excuse though. Well, actually two good excuses. Excuse number one is: I went on holiday to the Czech Republic! We went to a little town called Loučná nad Desnou, in the east of the Czech Republic, about 300 kilometers from Prague. If you’ve never been to the Czech Republic, I really recommend it, especially if you like mountains! ;)

Some pictures of the scenery and the beautiful houses in the hills, and of some cool statues:


Czechs are ‘famous’ for their woodcarvings, and where ever you go, you see these carvings!


I also snapped a few shots of these beautiful flowers! I think they really function as color therapy, because when I look at them, the colors really beam at you! :) Unfortunately, some of the flowers were behind a fence.


Did you let the colors soak in nice and tight? Good. Because all that’s left in my photo stash is pictures of these weird bugs we saw when we were walking around taking pictures… The first two we think are grasshoppers, and the last one is some kind of beetle…


Fortunate for me, I’m not squeamish around bugs ;) The weather we had was pretty okay, except for the last day before we were to depart – we had lots and lots of rain! :(


After a trip by car of about 11 hours, we made it home safe and sound. Fortunately, the weather here is not any better than we had in the mountains, so it wasn’t a waste of time going there.

Now, I mentioned I had two good excuses for my absence, and the second excuse is that I’ve been so busy preparing for my very first craft fair in September! :D I’m totally stoked about it, and I will write a separate blogpost about it with all the details to follow.

For now, have a lovely week!


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  1. Wow, wat een prachtige foto’s! Vooral die kleuren van die bloemen spatten van het scherm af. Gaaf!! Ik ben nooit in Tsjechië geweest en zo te zien is dat een gemis. Moet ik nog eens gaan goedmaken, lijkt me ;)

  2. Oh, those bug pictures made me go a bit tingly (and not in a good way!)

  3. Such beautiful pictures. The flowers are my favourite. Can’t wait for spring here in South Africa, my best time of year.

  4. Wow! What amazing scenery. You must have had a brilliant time.
    How exciting to sell your lovely makes at a craft fair. Looking forward to seeing what you have made.
    Becky x