my first craft fair!

So here it is, the data on my first craft fair! :D I’m probably waaay too excited; I’m sure that you ladies who’ve had craft fairs before think I’m completely overreacting, but I’m just SO stocked!

You had to get invited for this fair, but you were able to submit yourself as a candidate. And I got picked for one of the two dates! I will be at the second fair: on the 25th of September, in Hengelo (The Netherlands). Now this fair is pure handmade happiness, everyone who is selling is selling something handmade.

As you can probably imagine, I’m super busy trying to prepare for the fair. I have so many ideas still in my head, and I’m afraid that I don’t have enough time to realize those ideas in time for the 25th! I’m also really struggling with the display of my items: for instance, I have a lot of headbands for sale, and they aren’t easy to display: you can’t hang them cause they’ll fall over because of the weight of the crocheting on one side, and you can’t lay them down on the table cause then the crocheting will flatten on one side… I’m still brainstorming about a lot of things ;) But I still really enjoy this whole process: I can’t wait to display my stuff! (which is quite scary actually; I have this vision that everyone at the fair just laughs at my skills or completely ignores my stand)


But enough of that. Besides being busy with the fair, I also had a gift to finish. During my holiday in the Czech Republic, my sister-in-law found her crochet talent! I brought some basic supplies with me for when it was a rainy day or when I was bored, and she quickly joined me and whipped up her very own phone pouch with a drawstring! I’m so proud of her :) She is totally stoked about learning to crochet, and this weekend just happens to be her birthday! So what did I get her?


Why her own crochet hook case ofcourse! :D (please excuse my pictures, I had trouble getting the lighting right today) I also got her two skeins of Anchor Magicline, to help her make amigurumi’s without worrying about those color changes.

Thanks for stopping by, I’m off creating! (with my new crochet hooks I fell madly in love with… Do you want hooks like these? Check out Angela’s shop on Etsy!)



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  1. Lovely blog, i noticed your picture on a blog we both follow and realised i follow you in instagram!! lol
    so thought i whould pop over and say HI =D

  2. Hi! Congrats on being chosen to participate in the craft fair. I’m sure you’ll do really well, your things are just brilliant. Wanted to let you know I’m having a giveaway and would love you to enter, lots of lovely things to be had!
    Becky x