holiday crochet

Oh hai! :)

I was ‘cleaning’ my workspace today (you know, just moving around stuff instead of putting them where they belong!) when I found some things that I crocheted during my holiday, and I realized that I hadn’t even shared it with you all!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@winkieflash) may have already seen this book I bought just before we left. It’s called Beyond the square Crochet Motifs, and has 144 circles, hexagons, triangles, squares and other unexpected shapes. It’s by Edie Eckman, not an unfamiliar name in the ‘crochet world’. Anyway I brought the book with me to flick through and I made this!


I adjusted the pattern just a little bit to make the square bigger. I love how it turned out and it’s also really fast to make. This would be a cool square to use for small pillows and such :) I also tried out the apple pattern from the Leslie Stanfield book I had with me. I adjusted it to make it into a coaster, instead of a stuffed apple. I love it!


Before we went on holiday, my hubby and I went headphone shopping (because you know the only way to survive a 14-hour drive in the backseat is by listening to your own blazing playlist!). We found some awesome beats (Panasonic’s, a brand which I’ve never owned before but sounds great!) but unfortunately for us, they only had one color left, meaning that we would have identical headphones. So really, there was nothing left for me to do than crochet a cover for it! ;) I improvised a little butterfly and a flower to go on top of the headphones, you know, hippie chique :) And while I was at it, I decided that my mp3 player needed a matching cozy.


And yes people, that is a Zune you’re looking at! I was an early adopter of this fabulous player and I’m not afraid to say it! ;) No really, I love my Zune, I’ve had it for years (had it specially imported and everything because they never sold them in my country) and it is hands down the best piece of hardware I’ve ever owned. And it’s brown :) <3

During the holiday, my little sister-in-law discovered her love for crocheting! After I gave her her very own crochet kit last week, she’s been coming over almost every day to crochet something together with me :) The last 2 days we made this little guy: meet Winston! Sadly I didn’t take pictures of her version of Winston before she took him home, but trust me when I say that he looked very handsome and well-crafted, especially for someone who had never crocheted in the round before! The pattern is from here, and it’s free! :) Winston was very photogenic, showing off all his assets and checking out how far he could stuff his trunk in the lens of the camera ;)


Are you still here? Good! Because the lovely Becky J over at The Fluff Pot is having a FABULOUS giveaway! So head on over there and enter, the stuff you can win is really amazing, not to mention, there’s a lot of it! :D


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  1. Lovely blog you have here! I LoVE the little elephant in your photos – he’s very cute indeed! :)

  2. Aw, such a cute little guy, love him! I really need to get on with learning crochet properly so I can make cute amigurumi!

  3. I’m sorry this is late, we had no internet connection today, I have awarded your blog an award. Go check out my blog.

  4. Super crochet here! I love how you created your own headphone cover – just gorgeous. And as lovely as the elephant’s trunk is, I prefer his bottom! How cute! Thanks for spreading the word, I shall put another entry into the hat for you. Fingers crossed!
    Becky x

  5. Totally your little elphant – he just adorable and has such character

  6. wow, those are all so cool!! I love how you did the headphones especially.

  7. That is the most adorable elephant I think I have ever seen! Off to do more browsing. Wishing you a happy weekend.

  8. Love the cover you have made for your Zune and your headphones. Very clever! The crochet motifs book looks very interesting and your square turned out very nice.

  9. I like your works!! They are beautiful and useful!! And also creative!!