Hello ladies! (and the occasional gentle man) So nice of you to drop by :)
I guess you want to hear about last weekend’s craft fair, right?  Well, it was A-MA-ZING! Really, I feel SO so blessed to have been part of it all! Quick recap: the weather was phenomenal, the turnout was great and I even sold stuff! :D

Here’s a quick view of what the park looked like on that day.


Gorgeous right? :) The best place to have an outdoor fair me thinks! Oh and in that last picture, that’s the back of Maria you’re seeing: the lady that did the workshop at my yarn party; standing there with ridiculous amounts of Zpagetti surrounding her ;) I also ran into Kim from TrendyKim! So nice to meet bloggers in real life :)

Some pictures of the prep work I did: I had cards printed, so I had something to hand out. I’m a graphic & web designer, so I designed these myself. They come in 5 different colors, matching the colors in my logo. I also created a big fabric banner about 40 inches wide, with my logo on it. I hand painted this, and while I was painting I was kind of cursing myself for designing such a difficult logo to draw ;) In the third pic, you can see my ‘heads'; I used all 5 of them to display my headbands on! And in the last pic you can see my ‘hands’, used ofcourse to display my rose rings! Here I just spraypainted them white (they used to be black).


Sunday was the big day, and I had to get up really early (for Sunday standards) because it was an hour’s drive away. Luckily, my mom in law (who came along, together with my sister in law and my best friend) brought lots of coffee! When we arrived at the park it turned out that they had somewhat of a space problem while placing the stands, so ours was ‘banned’ towards the end of the park (it used to be in the middle!). Kind of a bummer, but we still had a lot of people stopping by, so all in all; I can’t really complain about that ;) I shared my stand with someone else, because I was afraid I wasn’t able to fill the entire space with my products; so I rented two meters of a four meter stand. And this is how it looked after I was done setting up! :)


I really had a fabulous day. The people were so friendly, everyone kept telling my how cool my stuff looked and how original everything was! Most people were astounded by the fact that yes, I did make everything myself (which I thought was an odd remark to make, since this fair was about 100% handmade goodies).
I couldn’t leave without buying some handmade stuff myself, so I got a cross stitched broche, handspun yarn made from silk sarongs, and this adorable one-person teapot!

Now that the fair is over, I have not fallen into a big empty hole, far from it! I’m super busy with getting my Etsy shop up and running. Tomorrow I’m meeting the photographer to talk over some of my ideas about the look & feel of the photography – I really hope we can start shooting soon! :) Ofcourse, once my shop opens I will be having a give away featuring a discount on my shop and some other Etsy shops that I love, and more! I feel like I’ve said this a lot, but I mean it: stay tuned! :)

In the meantime, I have fallen victim to a virus that is going around blog/craft land… It’s ruthless and highly contagious…
The hexipuff virus!


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  1. Looks really cool, congrats on your success! X

  2. What a beautiful place for a fair! Your table looked great and so professional with your sign and business cards! Congratulations, and I can’t wait to see your Etsy shop!

  3. Thanks so much for popping into Beberouge, I have fallen in love with your blog now love the layout :) Your market looks so beautiful I hope it was a successful jaunt for you and I see you have become another victim of the hexipuff craze your crocheted ones look so good I gave up crocheting but so wanted to make a beekeepers quilt so I learnt to knit lol.