september mosaic

Hi everyone! Just a quickie post from me this week, as I’m super busy with my Etsy shop opening! :) I met with the photographer last week to talk over the schedule, and I’m confident that my shop will open in November! :) It seems far away, but it’s in three weeks already! I cannot wait to show all of you the result of all my hard work from the past months.

Not only have I been busy with my Etsy shop, I’ve also been busy creating a new blog layout. I feel like the current one doesn’t fit my needs anymore; I need something bigger! ;) The new blog will have more space for things like Google Friend Connect and links to other fabulous blogs, as well as a revamped pattern section! The current pattern ‘section’ (I can’t really call it that) doesn’t do my patterns justice, so I will be taking new photographs as well as posting an entirely NEW pattern!

Oh I’m so excited for all this! :)

Alright, I’ll get back to work while I leave you with this: the September mosaic! (click to enlarge)


ps I haven’t been able to post comments on all the wonderful blogs out there, I will make it up to all of you soon! I read every single blog post and I can assure you, they are the best start of the day. Thank you for inspiring my day, every day!

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ! You are so funny. Blue hating person…. Ha ha ha ha! Excited to hear about you designing a new blog. When will you launch? I wanna see it!!! And I didn’t know you have an ETSY shop. I got to visit. :D Have been thinking about making myself an ETSY shop, but so far I have been to shy for it. But hey, what do I have to loose? Close my eyes, hold my breath and jump! I won’t die, right? I am actually about to do it. Just got to find the time to actually do it, take photos and launch some stuff. It is my autumn project so maybe we will become shop neighbours soon. Who knows?

    Lots of lovin’