new blog layout!

Hi and welcome everybody to my new blog layout! :D I am SO excited that it is online now. I have been working on it for weeks, and today I woke up and thought: ‘Ah what the heck, I’m just going to upload it!’ You’ll notice A LOT of changes. First ofcourse, the look of everything. I tried to keep it fresh, while maintaining the same look & feel of the old blog. This new blog layout has more room for sidebars, and you can see I crammed a lot of things in there! Most of the widgets are self-explanatory, but I wanted to highlight a few.

Google Friend Connect –  this widget has been given a more prominent place on my blog, so it’s easy to find for anyone who wants to sign up! (and if you haven’t done so already, please do! :))
5 a week counter – I though it would be fun to easily keep track of all the big projects I’m working on, so I made a counter. The first one is for my hexipuffs. Since I don’t know what I’ll be making with them yet, the target number is unknown, as for my vintage daisies blanket. To learn more about the Instagram Granny Swap Challenge, keep reading!

I also revamped the pattern section, but I haven’t quite finished the photography for that yet. Stay tuned! :)

I am very happy with my new blog layout and I tried to make it work in every browser, on every platform. However, I wasn’t able to test on some system specifications so: if you see anything on your screen and you’re thinking: ‘That doesn’t look right!’, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments! Thank you for trying it out for me :)

As previously mentioned, I’m partaking in the Instagram Granny Swap Challenge! For those of you who don’t have a smartphone; Instagram is an amazing photo-app, supporting lots of cool looking filters and social abilities, such as posting your photo’s directly to Twitter. Instagram hasn’t been around that long (I believe they just had their 1-year anniversary) and it already has a very loyal and large fan base.
On Instagram you can follow other ‘IG-ers’, and ofcourse I mainly follow crafty people. This is also a great way to stay inspired – I can see what other people are creating on a daily basis! Kind of like following blogs, but without the fuss of getting out of bed and turning on your computer ;)
One of my followings, @cyndiwho, had the amazing idea to create a joined Instagram blanket! Everyone who signed up will create at least 5 granny squares in a week , until they get 180 or so. And then: we trade! So in the end, everyone who partook in the event ends up with a one-of-a-kind blanket, made by people from around the globe :)

The IG’ers who have signed up so far are:

The people who have shown interest but haven’t let me or Cyndi know for sure they want to join:

We are currently in week 2; week 3 starts October 17. Squares should be about 4 inches. If you upload a picture for the challenge, please tag them with #IGrannysquareswap and/or #IGgrannychallenge.
Do you have Instagram and would you like to join the challenge? Leave a comment here or contact me (@winkieflash) or Cyndi (@cyndiwho) on Instagram!

Alright lovely blog readers, I am off to finally read all of YOUR wonderful blogs! My RSS-reader tells me that I have 235 unread items, oh my…


ps The next post will be a give-away post! :)

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  1. The new layout looks great!!

  2. Wink you rock!
    I am so excited about the granny square challenge!
    Your new layout is awesome, you so inspire me!
    Maybe I’ll jump on the blog wagon one day soon….if you help me! Lol!
    Crafty Love,

  3. I love the new layout, you did a really great job!

  4. Love the new layout, looks really crisp and clean :)

  5. Your new layout looks great! With your blog updates, and getting your Etsy store ready, you’ve been busy! Being so busy, it’s so nice that you’ve taken the time to catch up on your blog reading, and thank you for taking the time to comment as well! I’m looking forward to seeing your shop in November!

  6. Hi, nice to meet you! congratulations for your blog, it’s beautiful! gathering more people here in Brazil for the grannysquare challenge, but already very excited! I’ll try to find you at IG ;-)

  7. instagram addict (@sparkles) here.

    how cool is an instagram swap! it makes me wish there was one for all us knitters out there.

    so glad i found your blog – i love it

  8. Digging the style! Wow. Well, you are really tuned in I can tell. I am so not! Twitter and FB buttons and stuff. Heavy stuff. Got to do my homework better I guess. And the format. Haven’t even thought about that. I made some changes lately as well, will ask a friend to check it out on iPhone to see if it works. I mean, I got an old dinosaur mobile phone. The most modern I have in my house is my Apple computer… Well done Wink. And hey, you are so funny. Please never stop commenting at my place. You make me laugh loud and hard. That is such a great feeling! :D