a week of allround goodness

Hello wonderful people! :) Thanks for stopping by. Oh my, the giveaway has really taken off – So far 32 comments, and that’s not even counting all the amazing folks who have put my blog button in their sidebar, or tweeted about it, or put it on their Facebook…My visitor stats are through the roof! Thank you all! :)

So I’ve had quite a busy week, with the photo shoot ofcourse, and now with the editing of 300+ photos.
The photo shoot was a blast! I asked my baby sister and her best friend to model everything for me. They didn’t have to think about it, they jumped at it! :) They really like having their picture taken. A good friend of mine is a photographer (amongst other things, like being an amazingly talented graphic designer with a flourishing business) and he agreed to photograph the ladies last week. I rented a studio space for a couple of hours, and off we went!

I don’t really get to see my sister that often, as she lives in a different city than I do. It was so much fun hanging out with her all afternoon! Yup, this is serious sibling bonding-time ;)
I love how the pictures turned out; I can’t believe my shop is opening in less than a week and I can finally show you all what I’ve been working on! I am SO excited :)

So the Instagram challenge is in it’s fourth week now, and I thought it would be helpful to create a special page, so everyone can quickly read up on the challenge, see who’s participating and what their granny tally should be! ;) You can find it by clicking on the above banner or the one in the sidebar, or just go here: http://www.acreativebeing.com/instagram-granny-swap-challenge/
If you want to, you can grab the blog button and put it in your sidebar – spread the word! :) If you want to join, just leave a comment on the page, or contact me or Cyndi on Instagram via our handles, @cyndiwho and @winkieflash.

Last week I also revamped my pattern section – yes, I know, *finally*! ;) The first pattern I published is my ‘drops of joy’ pattern. You can check it out by using the menu, the above banner or the little button on the right, or by clicking here: http://www.acreativebeing.com/patterns/drops-of-joy
The pattern has been given a lot of likes on Ravelry, and has even been featured on the Dutch site Freubelweb! Such an honor, really.
The drops are really easy to make but can be used to create almost anything :) I made my drops headbands with them; those will be in my Etsy shop! And I’m seriously contemplating Christmas-themed headbands… What are your thoughts on that? I can’t believe it’s going to be November already next week… The year has gone by so fast. I guess time *does* fly when you’re having fun :)

And don’t forget, you can still enter the giveaway! :) Just leave a comment on *this post* and you’re all set. The giveaway ends November 31st, and is open to all a creative being readers.

Thanks again for stopping by – and I’ll see you all next week; I will announce the giveaway winner on Tuesday the 1st!


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  1. Lovely pictures, I bet your shop will look amazing!

  2. I bet your sister and her friend had a great time, I can’t wait to see the shop.

  3. The photo shoot sounds like it was so much fun! And the photos today look awesome. Wanted to say thanks for your good wished for year two at T.H.. It was so nice to hear from so many of you last week. Still working on a date for the Drops of Joy but it will be soon. :)