come in, we’re open! (+ giveaway winner!)

Hello dear readers! :) Can you believe it’s November already? The days are getting shorter, the air is getting chilly, the leafs are turning color… and my shop has opened! :D

But, first things first. Last month’s giveaway was nothing short of a success. Visitor stats are off the charts, and I have had SO many wonderful comments – I feel truly blessed to have such a following, after starting my blog just 6 months ago. So thank you, THANK YOU lovely readers, for making me feel appreciated! :)

Alright, onto the important stuff. Who won the giveaway??? I chose a winner at random, and whos name popped up? … *drumrolls please*
Everyone, please put your hands together for…

Debi Y. from Hooks&Yarns!

Congratulations! :D I will email you shortly with the details.
Feel left out? Don’t worry, just keep reading… ;)

In other news: my Etsy shop is now officially open for business! :)
I still cannot believe it – I have worked so hard the past few months, and suddenly the moment was there – all the photos had been edited, I figured out things like shipping, I finished writing all the texts, the shop banner looked like I wanted it to… So yesterday, very secretly, I opened up shop! It feels so awesome to see your own Etsy page in front of you, just, exist :)

Anyway, I didn’t want to make everyone feel sad that didn’t win the giveaway, so: for all a creative being readers, during November you get a 5% discount on everything in the shop!

 Just enter this code when you check out: NOVEMBERLOVE.

Enough shop talk. This used to be a crochet blog; let’s keep it that way ;) I’ve been really busy crocheting a cover for my IKEA footstool. (the EKTORP one, you know, that one that *everyone* has. Or does that go for all IKEA furniture? ;)) I’ve finished 10 big squares, and now I need to make 10 more but with different colors to match the size of the footstool. Then all I have to do is crochet a border around it, and use it! :) A little schematic of what I’m planning:

Excuse my weird mock-up skills, but this is what I’m planning. So as you can see, I need another 10 to finish. But it’s those 10 that I’m not sure about. I really want to keep the outer border of them white, as I don’t want the hocker to look too crowded, and I want to keep the white in the middle rounds to keep it even. But I DON’T want the same pink/purple colors in the center! What do I do… ? I was thinking maybe keep the pink and substitute the purple with a light green. I’m not sure tho. What do you think? :)

Alright, I am off to do some work on the Instagram granny challenge, or as we have affectionately called it; the Instagrafghans ;) So I’m leaving you with the October mosaic to look at! :)


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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I am so happy to have won your giveaway. :)

  2. Congrats! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures as usual! And I love the footstool cover, how about substituting blue for the pink maybe?

  4. Congratulations on your Etsy shop! I love the pictures from your shop, they look like your blog and you. Great cohesiveness! Can’t wait to see your stool finished, I love the blocks! I like the light green idea, good luck with it!

  5. Your shop looks great! Congratulations on the opening!!!

  6. i am happy to pass by your blog.. very colourful, good professional pictures, and cute projects. like me you do like pink…… congratulations…

  7. Ha ha ha! You blow me away girl! Congrats to your Grande Portes Ouvert! Looks amazing. You have really REALLY done a great job with it all. I know how much effort it takes to open Etsy… Never thought it would be so time consuming. But once you have it you are on a roll babe. I wish you great success. Have to add you to my ETSY faves now and figure out more about this Circle and stuff… I am so not in to all these Twitter Gritter Glitter Facebook LinkdinCircles here and Circles there. I need a teenager to fill me in…

    ♡ You rock.

  8. Hi Wink! Thanks for popping over to my page and leaving such kind comments! Congratulations on the opening of your Etsy shop… how exciting and it all looks very tempting! I love your footstool cover…what a clever way to plan it! :)x

  9. Congrats on your Etsy shop. I’m excited to go check it out :)


  10. Congrats for your etsy shop! I’ll take a peek right now :)
    I’m very happy that you liked my painting… it is thanks to you that I’ve had the COURAGE to post about it :)
    love your october mosaic!

  11. How have I not discovered your blog before? It’s beautiful in design and contents. From now you have a follower more.

  12. I don´t speak too much English either. I read English websites and blogs to practice and improve. In my blog, I have put a translator if you need it.

    Thank you for your visit. Greetings from Spain.