what’s in the bag?

The other day I saw a couple of cool posts on other blogs, about your (craft) bag, and what’s in it! So I decided to show mine.

My craft bag isn’t really a bag, it’s more like a space. I always sit in the corner on our sofa, right near the windowsill. And somehow, crafty stuff always finds it way to the windowsill… NO idea how that keeps happening, so I designated a space for them!

I bought this cool birdie tray from IKEA  and that’s where everything sits. Currently on the tray: my thrifted green fawn cup with my most used hooks, the little wooden box I was gifted from my friend which now holds my stitch markers & my needles, a couple of skeins of yarn (currently Red Heart & StyleCraft) and what I’m working on; a pile of finished big squares, and a gathering of little circles, which one day will become big squares too! :)
Now normally there’s a little green bowl for the ends on the tray too, but that seems to have wandered off somewhere. It probably got too full! ;)

I do really like the idea of a craft bag, like one you can take with you when you go out on a train ride, with enough room for your things but not too big to schlep around. Maybe I should make a really cool one!

And speaking of bags… Remember the hexagons I posted on Instagram a while back? (can be seen in last month’s mosaic for those of you who aren’t on Instagram)
Well, I finally attached them, and, I even sewed and attached a lining! It was the hardest thing I have ever done on my sewing machine, somehow I kept forgetting things so the needle or the thread would break and after a while I was just so frustrated I tossed the bag and didn’t look at it for weeks! But after cleaning my desk today I ‘found’ it, so I think I’ll finish it soon! :) And then I’ll add it to the shop. (with a little note that says ‘sewing not perfect, item priced accordingly’…)

I should have taken more pictures to show you all the lining! Oh well, I’ll save that for some other day :) What do you think? I really like the shape of this bag, it’s the perfect purse – not too big and not too small, and colorful enough to make you happy :)

What else makes me happy: this vintage fabric I got from Ierdwyfke! I’ve been eyeballing it ever since she made a clutch with it, and when I heard that she had some left, I snagged it! ;) I think it’s really cool how we can just do business by simply following people on Instagram! :)

I’m planning on using it to make another raw edge applique pillow case with it! :) I posted my first one a while back, click here to see it.

Well I’m off, but not before showing you this little glimpse of what I’m working on right now. I can’t tell you what it’s going to be yet, since the person who this is going to be for might read this too! ;) But it’s a little something special for a special little someone… I’ll be sure to make some pictures when I give them this next week! :)


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  1. Love that little bag! I don’t think I could post photos of my creative space.. it’s an old trolley piled with stuff.. I suppose it is all in one place, but oh dear it’s messy! :)x

  2. How neat are you in your crafty space? I am never that organized… I got things in bags spread out in the house. Sometimes in baskets. Never neatly piled up squares on a tray like you have… As I imagine you being very eclectic and bohemian this is a big surprise to me. Getting to know you better I guess. Have a lovely crafty Sunday. I am going to sit myself in front of my machine, no house chores today… We’ll see how long that will last…

  3. I love your crafty windowsill and the flower hex bag is really pretty. :)

  4. I love your crafting corner, it looks like a little haven of tranquility!

  5. I haven´t got my craftspace room, I have my sit in the sofa near a light window, but I´ve dreamed with it a lot of time already exists in my mind and I have completed decorated.

    Love your crafting space!

  6. Your little bag is just TOO cute! I love love love it!!!! Like you, I don’t so much have a bag as a space – mine is my Cwtch where there are little piles of WIPs everywhere! (There’s also a big tub of WIPs hiding in the sitting room, but sssshhhh, don’t tell my husband or the reason for me having my own room may be called into question!)

    I might also take this idea for a post, if you don’t mind!


  7. I have so many craft spaces it tends to move around with me and different bags for all the different projects I’m currently working on, though none of them are as pretty as the little bag you have made I think I might need to start crafting a bag. Add that to the long list of musts now. hehe. I love your shop too it’s so beautiful and professional, your sister and her friend make great models I’m very jealous of those eyelashes ;) xx

  8. Oh, how exciting that you’re gonna be in Brussels soon. You’re gonna love it no doubt. Stay tuned to my blog, I am gonna share the best crafty shops on Friday and will write about cool architecture and the best places to buy your chocolate the next couple of days :-)

  9. This post is absolutely FILLED with wonderful-ness. :) I don’t get here nearly often enough. Making corrections to my feed reader tonight to rectify that…