Sweet links Sunday

Hello my sweets!

Just a short message today, but with a bunch of cool links! :) First I wanted to share my thrift score yesterday. I LOVE Arcopal dishes, cups, bowls – everything really, and I stumbled across these beauties! Can you believe I got these for only 1 euro? :D
arcopal cups

Alright, the first awesome link of this Sunday: Made in K-town is having a fab giveaway, where you have to do more than *just* leaving a comment; you have to guess the number of buttons in the glass! I guessed 467, but I fear that may be a little on the high side ;)
Click on the image to go straight to her giveaway post to leave your estimated guess!

Next up: I am now in the Universal Craft Blog Directory! From Craftyrie’s site:
This is (hopefully) going to be the biggest list of Crafty Bloggers out there,
it will be a Universal Craft Blog Directory!
It’s easy to join….
All you have to do is add your blog to the link below
and then invite all your blog readers to join as well,
and they will invite their blog readers etc etc
and hopefully it will keep being sent forward
& all the crafty bloggers will come back here to the directory & add their name!
Cool huh!
For now it’s just under one category: Craft and as the directory list grows,
so will the categories and it will then have it’s own blog site!

Great idea! If you have a cool crafty blog, you can enter your link here. There’s also a nifty little button to put on your blog; I put the button in my sidebar. Grab the button from the site or down here.
universal craft blog directory
<a href=”http://craftyrie.blogspot.com/2011/10/universal-craft-blog-directory.html” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6160/6252486069_975d9c1e88_m.jpg” alt=”CraftyRie” width=”125″ height=”125″ /></a>

You may have noticed I also added another button to the sidebar, for Stitched in Color’s Celebrate Color contest. I added my Autumn Drops headband to the Yarn photo pool, and you should definitely go check out that pool, like, right now! ;) Filled to the brim with the most inspirational images of yarn art! There’s also a Home Decor, Wearables and Needlepoint pool, so go check those out if you’re into that stuff too. Check out this page for the entire collection of photo pools, tutorials and inspiration boards! :)
celebrate color

And last but not least, this awesome coloring page from Valentina Ramos! I own multiple iPhone cases with her designs on it, she is such an amazing artist!
Check out her blog here, and download the coloring page by clicking on the image below.
coloring page

Have fun with these links, I hope to have inspired your Sundays a bit! :) I’m off to continue working on my rocking chair cushion that I’m making from an old lawnchair cover :) Here’s an Instagram of the applique design I made.

bird applique


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