WIP’s and UFO’s (aka the walk of shame)

Hi everyone!

So I haven’t blogged all week, and I feel guilty about that. I just had so many ideas, it was too hard for me to pick one and go with it! ;)
To add to the shame, I’m having a true Sunday walk-of-shame blogpost today: I am showing you my WIP’s and UFO’s! That’s right. I am showing you a part of my craft space that I feel very ashamed about. That little corner that we all have, that little nook or bag, stuffed away in a corner, to be forgotten about and never thought of again…
But only on one condition; if I show you mine, will you show me yours? ;)

I grabbed my WIP bag and my UFO bag (that’s right, I have two!) and turned them upside down on my desk. Here’s what that looks like:

Pretty shameful right? I counted them. There’s 10. Ten unfinished objects, ten projects that I was over the moon about when I started them and that I have done wrong by putting them in a bag and tossing them into a corner…

Here’s one. I thought it would be cool to have a spiral for a pillow backing. But crocheting with 4 skeins of yarn at the same time is extremely annoying, I can tell you! So this one was quickly tossed aside. I think I picked it up again twice, only to add one or two rounds, and then toss it again. Problem is now; I have NO idea where I left the pattern for this, so I’m not even sure I can finish it… Pure shame.

I used my Stylecraft Dk stash for this. What to do ladies? Keep going, end it, or frog it?

And then this one. This one I really really like, because I designed the pattern myself. When I was posting this on Instagram I remember it was a big hit! I originally intended for it to be sold at my first craft fair but alas, it never made it that far. It’s a little owly purse with a zipper, made from Drops Paris cotton yarn. I think I’ll finish this one since really all I have to do is sew in the zipper! :)

Next up: two scarves that I also started with the intention to sell them at the fair but never gotten around to finishing them. The one on the left is a Queen Anne’s lace scarf, and the other one is a star pattern scarf from one of Jan Eaton’s books. The lace scarf is too short, so I had to go out and get more yarn from my LYS, which I did but then put it in a corner and forgot about it, and the star scarf is pretty much finished, but needs the ends tucked in. Also, I don’t like the colors on that one as much as I did when I started it. I can’t see myself wearing it at all!
So what do we think? Queen Anne scarf; keep going, stop, frog? And the star scarf, anyone interested? :)

And then I found these. A piece of cake and an unfinished bunny ring. Seriously, I can’t remember when I made these! I suspect that I made the cake also to sell at the fair, and the bunny ring just because it was cute. The cake is pretty much finished, I made the pattern myself but for some reason wasn’t happy about it. What do you think?
The bunny ring clearly still needs a nose! Will I ever finish it? I doubt it. (the pattern is from Croshame via Ravelry)

This piece of work is, well, a piece of work! I found this superbulky yarn at my LYS, and on the label it said; make a scarf with just one skein! Ofcourse, that is when you knit it, not when you crochet it with some kind of giant jumbo cable running through it. *sigh* So naturally, I ran out of yarn, got a new skein, forgot about it all together, and here we are. I’m really not sure about this one. I love the cable, but will it be nice and snuggly as a cowl? I’m not sure. If I frog it, I have two skeins to work with, and maybe I can make it into an open weave crocheted cowl? Help me out here ladies!

I made another cowl a while ago, using the basketweave stitch. It looks pretty cool right? Right, until you try it on that is! For some reason, I managed to use the most harsh, rugged, itchy yarn I had for this. So yeah, I think I’ll keep it for show, just to remind myself of how cool the basketweave stitch looks on a cowl! :)

Alright, last and certainly least; these two cuffs. One is finished, and I like the way it turned out. So ofcourse, I only made one. *facepalm* I’m pretty sure I wrote down the pattern for this thing somewhere. No clue where though. The one on the right is definitely a WIP. I had this idea of making a Victorian style lacy cuff/armwarmer, by using ribbons to weave through the crochet. Still a cool idea, but I think I’ll frog this one and write up a better pattern for it (because let’s be honest, this one s*cks!)

So what do you think? Pretty shameful huh? ;) I can’t wait to see what you have stashed away; dare to join me into showing it? :)


ps Don’t forget; you can still get 5% off everything in my Etsy shop during November by using the code NOVEMBERLOVE! :)

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  1. Hmmm – I don’t know what to tell you. If you really want to finish one of the projects – then you should do it – if not, go ahead and frog it and get it out of your mind. You’ll probably feel better to make a fresh start. :)

    I only have a couple baby blankies in the making right now.

  2. On a positive note- this just means that its only a small amount of work to finish each one!!

  3. Hi..glad you like the new stars..having a lot of fun with them
    I daren’t even count my unfinished projects lol, l’m a bit an experimenter rather than a finisher, but always start to think about unfinished projects this time of year and always manage to complete a few of the years unfinished projects
    Sometimes in a new way that work better than the original one
    Good luck with your finishing off..always makes you feel good though completing an old project don’t you tink?
    Hugs x

  4. Wow, that’s some nifty hooking you’ve got going there!

    I’d frog the cushion cover. If it were me I’d NEVER finish it. Love the cabling on the cowl, you should finish it, and the scarves. The cake is gorgeous. The bunny nose will take you 5 minutes! Do it now!

    As for the cuffs, well, if you don’t have the patterns are you going to make a pair? Frog them! It’ll be cathartic :)

  5. I think you should just cut your losses…..turn everything into something else….hmmmm….the cushion cover could be be a small placemat for a side table. The cuffs could be a small purse. I think sometimes it is just better to stop the madness (LOL) and move on to something else.
    Love your blog and your crochet goodness.

  6. I love looking at other peoples WIPs and shameful UFOs! it is fun :oD And finishing them makes us feel so virtuous, so have fun!!