How I stay creative

Hello wonderful people! You look smashing today :)

Today I was cleaning out my craft space (it’s part office space, part craft space) because we got rid of some space consuming furniture. I always have a digital photo frame on my desk which shows me inspirational pictures.

Now I don’t handpick every photo and separately put them on the USB stick that my frame reads the photos from. Because as with many things, there’s an app for that! ;) I thought I’d share this nifty little trick with you all. If you’re not too technical, don’t worry, it is really really simple! :)

What you need:

  • a digital photo frame
  • a separate USB stick to put the photo’s on (or if your photo frame doesn’t support this, the cable you use to put photo’s in the frame)
  • an ifttt account (free)
  • a dropbox account (also free)
  • a flickr account (still free)

Okay, this is how it works.

  1. I have created a folder in my Dropbox, called ‘creative_space’. This is going to be the folder where we are going to save all of our inspiring pictures.
  2. In ifttt (if this then that), we’re going to make a couple of so called tasks.
    But first, let’s connect our Flickr account to ifttt. Go to Channels, click on the Flickr icon, and connect your Flickr account. This gives ifttt access, which is what you need! :)
    You need to repeat this step, but this time connect your Dropbox account. So go to Channels, click the Dropbox icon, and connect it to your account.
  3. In ifttt, click on Tasks, and then on Create Task. It now asks for ‘this’.
  4. Click on this, and choose the Flickr channel by clicking on the Flickr icon. You now have several options. I chose this option: New public favorite.
  5. Now we have to choose an action to follow the ‘if this’, namely the ‘that’! :)

    Click on that, and now choose the Dropbox icon. After that you only get one option; ‘Add file from URL’, so we’ll choose that! :)
  6. In the following fields, enter this information:

    The first field is ‘File URL’. This should read {{SourceUrl}}. If it’s not, change it to {{SourceUrl}}. (you can copy paste from here if you want)
    The second field is the path to your Dropbox folder we created earlier. In this case, it should read ‘creative_space’. If you gave your folder a different name, enter it here.
  7. Click on ‘Create action’ and voila! That’s it!

So what did we do exactly?
With ifttt, we made it so that every time we favorite a picture on Flickr, it automatically gets saved to our creative space Dropbox folder! Isn’t that neat? :)

Now all you need to do for the images to magically appear on your photo frame is copy them to the USB stick (or directly onto your photo frame) and presto! :)

I realize that this may seem a little ‘techie’ to some, but trust me, it is really simple. I have multiple actions going in ifttt, for instance, my Instagram likes get saved to that same folder, as well as my own Instagram pictures. Once in a while (every other week) I copy the contents of the creative space folder to my USB stick, plug it into my photo frame and enjoy the new inspiration! :)

If you need any help with this or a have any questions, fire away in the comment section! I will do my best to answer everything :)


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  1. Dank voor je reactie op mijn blog over m’n kapotte laptop; het wordt inderdaad een vaste pc denk ik!
    Over de digitale fotolijst: ik heb er 1 staan en doe er nooit iets mee; gewoon mooie inspiratiefoto’s is wél een goed plan! (met je uitleg erbij móet het het zelfs een digibeet lukken hè?)
    Ik ben trouwens je 60ste volger; yeahhh!!
    Groetjes Janine

  2. Seriously?? I LOVE this idea!! I really need to get myself a digital frame now!