November Love

Me and my love went to the woods today. We live really close to these beautiful forests! I’ve been wanting to take polaroids of Autumn to hang in our living room, and today started out as a nice sunny day. So I stuffed camera’s in my bag, dragged my love off the couch and off we went! ;)

Unfortunately, by the time we got to the woods, the sun was gone and the wind had really started to pick up; we were freezing our butts off! As a result, a lot of my pictures were blurry ;)
I did manage to make a few nice digital shots though. I know the whole ‘waterdrop-on-leaves’ thing has been done and done, but it was just so beautiful so I went for it!

These were all taken with my FinePix S7000. Not a DSLR but still an awesome camera! As we moved through the woods we had quite a nice view of the lane:

As said, I also took polaroids. A couple of months ago I managed to snag the last of the PX600 film from my local photo shop, and I was down to my last casette when I came up with the Autumn angle. So in my camera it went! This was original Polaroid film, so it had 10 frames in it, instead of 8 like The Impossible Project offers nowadays.
Not all shots were money shots but I kind of expected that, since the film was three years past its expiration date ;) Frankly I was surprised that they developed at all!

These are a couple of my 10 polaroids that I took. Some are a bit dark, I guess that’s a side effect of the emulsion being past the expiration date. But still, I’m really happy with how they turned out! :)

The other day I bought a string of Christmas lights with clothespins on it, and decided that it would be perfect to hang my polaroids on. Now please excuse my pesky pictures of this; I’m having trouble shooting good pics at low light. Sorry! I tried souping them up as good as I could.
So here’s how they look like as hanging from the clothespins that I taped to a shelf! :)

Have a lovely weekend!


PS Don’t forget; as long as it’s November you can still get a 5% discount on all the items in the shop! :)

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  1. Beautiful photos! I too am trying to treasure the leaves and the colours of Autumn because Winter always seems tooooo long! x

  2. These photos are stunning!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I want to go for a walk there! Gorgeous… you can never have enough water drop photos, in my opinion.

  4. Wink, these photos are absolutely magical. Well done, you!

    Novemberlove4 is my favorite… Should be printed and sold. Looks like the land of the faeries. Gorgeous place and you’ve really captured the spirit.

  5. Lovely pics!
    You are lucky to live near a wood like this.

    Greetings from Spain.

  6. Wat een mooie foto’s! Je bent dus niet alleen goed in haken ;)

  7. Hi winkie!

    Wow these are beautiful pictures, I wished my camera (or rather my skills *gg*) were that great! Your photos almost make me like autumn, although it’s my least favorite season :)

    Hey, I don’t have your e-mail address, that’s why I’d like to let you know here: YOU’VE WON MY GIVEAWAY!! :))

    Please let me know your full address so I can send your prize!

    One of your prizes is a handmade bookmark – you can pick the color of the string and the predominant colors of the beads I use for it, so just let me know your colors and I’ll do my best to come close *gg* (I personally think that a black, creme or white string with colored beads look best, but of course that’s up to you)

    Have a great week,