llama llama duck

Last weekend, husbeast and I went to an alpaca-show in Assen, a town very near where we live. I only heard about it the week prior to the show and as soon as I saw the flyer my mind was like; “MUST! GO!” ;)

I had so much fun at the show. I’m an avid alpaca-lover and I had never seen so many alpaca’s together in one place! Alright, so to get you in the mood, here are some adorable alpaca pictures :)

That’s the judge, checking out the alpaca’s in that last picture. It was an international show, so he was British. There were also a lot of Belgian alpaca’s there, but you couldn’t tell by their accents ;)

Ofcourse, I also got some loot from the show. There were a couple of people selling alpaca yarn, so naturally I got a few skeins :)

This is extremely soft, very soft and incredibly soft baby alpaca yarn. I think I’ll use it to make wristwarmers or mini gloves or something. Any suggestions?

I also got this little alpaca (although it looks more like a llama to me), his name is Manny and he’s Spanish ;)

Starting this week I started on Christmas decorating our apartment! We have the most awesome ‘tree-but-not-a-tree’, and I also made some sparkly glitter letters to go on our wall – I can’t wait to show you! :)


ps Wondering about the post title? If you haven’t figured it out yet, go check out this ancient internet youtube meme:

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  1. Aaaarrrggh – that song is EVERYWHERE I look… or maybe it’s not everywhere but it has just ingrained itself into my brain!!!!!!

    I think that looks like a great show and some nice booty too – I love knitting with alpaca and some of my favourite (babywearing) slings are alpaca blends too – so warm and snuggly – but STINKING when wet!


    Have a great week,

  2. I love those llama pictures!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi and just sooooo cute too, my son wants a jumper and l suggested a really nice yarn
    Llama or Alpaca….any suggestions?
    The wave pattern is lots of fun and so many variations, l’m having fun with it like others
    Merry Christmas x

  4. I bought a skein of alpaca while I vacationed in Canada last October. I started a scarf with it, but it’s thinner than what I’m used to, so I put it aside. I’ll go back to it some time I hope. I love your hair by the way. :)