Thank you 2011!

Hi everyone!

I cannot believe it’s almost 2012. This year went by so fast! So I thought it would be a good idea to recap everything that has happened on this lil’ blog this year :)

May was the month when I started my blog! :) I blogged about my love for the Pixar birds, and I also sewed a little.

June was definitely pillow month. I did my first granny square project ever (a pillowcase), and tried my hand at raw edge applique (also a pillowcase). I crocheted a mini backpack and sewed a crochet hook clutch.

In July I got my first blog award! I was so happy when I got it! I also had a little yarn party, which was a big hit (for the ladies who attended and for my blog readers who can’t seem to get enough of that post!) and I got commissioned to make a granny square baby blanket, which I loved doing.

In August I went to the Czech Republic on holiday, and got invited to my first craft fair ever. And I got a second blog award! I felt so blessed during that month :)

September was all about the craft fair. I was so busy crocheting and creating, I completely forgot to blog! Being at the craft fair was definitely one of the highlights of 2011 :)

October is when things really started to pick up for me. I launched a new blog layout, had my first giveaway, and was very busy preparing for my Etsy shop to open! I also hosted the first ever Instagram granny square swap.

November was Etsy month! I opened up shop, announced the winner of the giveaway and gave all blog readers a discount on everything in the shop. I also made a tutorial and published a pattern.

In December I published another pattern, for snow-covered Christmas ornaments! Oh, and I received my third blog award!

I have a lot of cool stuff in mind for 2012, but I haven’t really thought it out yet. Besides, I like spontaneity, you know, creating in the spur of the moment. I see a lot of blogs have lists of what they hope to achieve in 2012, and I really admire that. I wish I was such a good planner ;)

This year has been a hoot and a half for me. I had/have SO much fun blogging, creating but most of all: sharing it with you! I never would have guessed that I would have such a loyal following by now. I only started blogging in May! ;)
Some stats: I have had about 13,000 people visiting me over the past few months. I have had around 100 visits each day, with high points of 579 visitors in one day! I received almost 200 comments on my blog, and November was my best month (so far) with almost 4,000 visits.

So thank you, dead reader, for believing in me, supporting me, and telling me that what I am making was awesome! :D

I hope you all have a wonderful end to 2011, and I wish you many creative, inspiring and crafty days in 2012!


UPDATE: I completely forgot to post this – I made a video with all my inspiration from the past few months :) Enjoy!

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  1. Cool vid, lotsa llama’s.. I like llama’s :) Llamafaaaaaace!

  2. Congratulations – what a great roundup. I loved the video, too. Best wishes for more creative inspiration in 2012!

  3. Your really have had a busy 2011 and have done so much. You must be really proud of your achievements. Just imagine what 2012 holds for you.
    Well done and thank you for sharing your work with us. Your CREATIVITY is our inspiration, wink ;)
    Becky x

  4. Love the vid, so creative… so many ideas! Thanks for stopping by thegreendragonfly today! Have a great 2012! Janettexx

  5. Happy New Year wishes for you and your family. :)

  6. So many beautiful photos, what a joy to see everything, so lovely
    Have an amazing New Year
    Lots of love Karen x

  7. Hello !!!! I’m following you on instagram and am so happy to discover your beautiful blog now! :-) I wish you a very creative New Year!

  8. You have done lots of stuff in 2011! I admire your creativity, and also your spontaneity. I prefer to be spontaneous as I find sometimes plans can fail which leave disappointment.

  9. So glad I came back to this post as I didn’t see the great video the first time. Little Miss was dancing to it and asked if we were having a party!