january projects

Welcome to my first post of 2012! I hope you had a marvelous New Year’s :)

So last year I was in the market for a yarn basket. You know, a proper one; nice size, not too small or too big, with a big handle so I could easily transport it from each crochet location (couch, office space, bed). I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find it! So instead of waiting for it to turn up somewhere, I decided to compromise and go for a different, slightly less perfect basket type.

It’s lined with linen so the yarn doesn’t snag on it, which I love. And it does have handles of some sort, which is why I chose to get this basket.

But the other day, my grandmother gave my sister a gift; a basket. My sister thought it was a picknick basket, you know, the kind you can close off, but it wasn’t; it was my perfect yarn basket! And lucky for me, my sister was so kind as to give it to me :)

It’s perfect right? I think I might sew a lining for it at some point, just to keep my yarn from fraying. But for now, it’s my new favorite basket :)

So the two projects in the basket are my January Projects. I started these some months ago, the granny stripe even a year ago… So I’m determined to finish these *before* I start any other projects. Ambitious, yes. Possible, totally! :)
The project in the above basket is my IKEA footstool cover (remember?). I finished half the squares, which you can see in the basket, and I started on the centers for the other half, which are in the ceramic little bowl. So this one shouldn’t really take too long to finish.
And the other project is ofcourse the granny stripe. I’m almost half way and I really enjoy making it again! I manage a couple of stripes each day, so I think I can finish this before the end of January.

Some granny stripe progress pics, because we all love to look at those enticing, magical stripes… ;)

I’ll be back later this week with pictures of an embroidery frame my mom gave me; she made it when she was pregnant with me in ’84 :) It’s adorable.


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  1. lovely lovely lovely! lovely basket, lovely blanket, lovely colors :)
    Happy new year Wink!

  2. Love your blanket! I am working on one right now off and on for my daughter in the same pattern…..taking forever to finish though. ;) Love the colors of yours, its happy and fun. :)

  3. Your project baskets look much neater than mine!

  4. I really love your stripes, they look so colourful. I would start a granny stripe but I want to finish the two blankets I have already got on the go.

    I have just found your blog, it looks wonderful

  5. Oh my… you have to love a good basket…what a lovely generous sister you have! But baskets with crochet in (and a stripey at that)…I am in heaven… Happy New Year Wink…and thanks for the lovely comments on my blog over the last year :)x

  6. What a cute basket! Can’t wait to see those WIPS finished! Beautiful colors!!

  7. oo your granny stripping too we can do it together. though I just changed my mind on my colours. oops so I have started all over again. hehe. I love the white and pink and green my little princess’ rooms is that colour so I’m a sucker for those colours. By the way love the new hair B (my little boy) wants to know if it’s fake he doesn’t believe you can have pink hair lol looks awesome though. xx

    • Ahw your little boy is adorable! Yes the hair’s fake, they’re just dreads you ‘weave’ in your own hair, and they’re easy to take out.
      But, my regular hair is also pink; at least the bangs and some locks next to that are :)

  8. I love your photographs of the baskets and your crochet. I also really like the Pink Polk Dot background. Now I have the wantsies! Great colours.

  9. About the giveaway, no problem! If you win you have a year to make stuff and host your giveaway!

  10. Lovely blancket, lovely colours and lovely basket!

  11. These stripes are magical! Happy new year Wink. :)