way back when

So last post I promised to show you something really cool, and I intend to keep that promise!

Back in ’84, I was born. (yes, that’s right) And my mom, with a ginormous pregnant belly, embroidered an entire alphabet for me, lil’ baby winkie! I remember it hanging in my room when I was little, and in the hallway when I was older. And then sitting in the attic when I was a lot older… And then ending up in a moving box somewhere, years later. Anyway, long story short, my mom gave it to me last weekend, when we were there to celebrate the first day of the year. I’m so happy to have gotten it! :)

I can only imagine the time it must have taken her, because upon closer examination, the details are just amazing. Check this out!

I remember I loved the letter ‘M’ best when I was little. Probably because my name starts with an M ;) I tried to convince my mom to give me a black cat because of it, but that didn’t fly ;)

Nowadays, these two are my favorites. The one with the flute because, well, I play the flute and I just love that little guy! And the second one because I love those teeny tiny drops of water :)

Can you believe the work that must have gone into this? :O I sure can’t! But my mom’s really a trooper. She has recently picked up crochet too! And I gotta say, she is *really* good at it. Like, REALLY good. She makes clothes for herself, by using crochet. I mean, how awesome is that! :) I’ll be sure to snap a few pictures of what she makes next time I’m over there. You’re going to love seeing it!

Anyway, I’m off. I’m making serious progress on my IKEA footstool, and I hope to finish it this weekend! Here are some instagrams of the progress so far. Enjoy! :)


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  1. I love what your mom did! Its so pretty and unique, she did a awesome job!
    I never have had much patience for needle work and think people that do are amazing. I prefer projects that work up quick ;)

  2. Those embroidered letters are lovely, I like the ‘H’ as it stands for my name, and the little girl is happy using the middle of the H as a seat he he.

    I love all your pictures of crochet, they look really cool in the really light way that they are!

  3. Wow… that embroidery is amazing. I don’t think I would ever have the patience for that. What a gift!

  4. That embroidery is really incredible!! What a special piece! Now we know where you got your talent from! I can’t wait to see your mom’s crocheted pieces, and your footstool is looking great!

  5. That embroidery your mom made is amazing! Definitely a treasured piece :) I wish I could have the patience to even attempt something that incredible!

  6. Wow, your mother’s work is truly incredible. Thanks for sharing it! Your instagrams are lovely too.

  7. That is seriously amazing, such amazing detail done so well. I can’t take my eyes off all the loveliness of it. xx

  8. What a beautiful heirloom, your Mum sure is clever! I love that has lasted so well all these years too… I want one!!

  9. Lovely your mum´s project.

  10. It is first now, when I am doing hand crafty things myself, that I really REALLY appreciate the work behind handmade items… Maybe, like you say, you realize how much love, work and joy that is put into it. Your alphabet embroidery piece is gorgeous. Bless your mom for spending all the hours making it for you. I am sure it will be around for generations, with a nice story coming with it as well. Lovely. Happy New Yaer btw. ♥♥♥

  11. That is such an amazing thing to have! You have a clever mum – it’s absolutely wonderful!

  12. Wow, what a wonderful piece of work by your Mum! Thanks for popping by the blog today and for the lovely comment :-) Good luck on finishing the foot stool too!

    S x

  13. That embroidery is incredible. Your mum is one talented lady! And I love your footstool, the colours are beautiful

  14. Hi Wink,

    Thank you so much for leaving a message on my blog way back in August about the Sugar skulls :-)
    I love what you do here! So colourful, creative and inspirational. And you mum looks to me like an accomplished artist!
    All the best,

  15. I just have to comment too, even though so many already have said it… that embroidery is really a piece of art! I’m so happy for you that it was restored from that box, or wherever it was hiding. Gorgeous!

  16. Such pretty thread work – and of course, my favorite is the ‘D’. :)

  17. I love this alphabet Winx! It is a true piece of art! and the details….perfect :) My favorite letter is the F :)

  18. Your mom is AMAZING! and blessed with INCREDIBLE embroidery skills!