be my valentine giveaway

Hi! :)

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my IKEA footstool cover! I really appreciate it :) I am now thinking of making a cover for my Ektorp sofa, and am thinking of using this pattern for it: (image c/o Debbie Stoller)

Whaddaya think? I like this pattern a lot, because despite it officially being a ‘granny’ pattern, the fabric it creates is dense enough for use on e.g. a sofa!
But this time I think I’ll stay away from the bright white yarns, and go for something more subtle (and easier to clean) instead ;) I’ll keep you posted!

So next month, it’s Valentines day. Since my Etsy shop is filled with a lot of heart-related products, I thought: let’s give some of it away! :) Everybody loves a good giveaway, right? Right!
Since you all have been so kind to me the past few months, I decided to give away not one, not two, but three awesome things, to three awesome readers!

Number one: a heart headband of your choosing, perfect for Valentine!

Number two: super cute cherry blossom bobby pins!

Number three: a 14% discount to anything in my shop!

To win all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. For extra entries, either grab the button below and put in on your blog; tweet about it; or put it on Facebook. Please leave a comment for everything you do.

<a href=””><img border=”0″ alt=”a creative being giveaway!” src=”” /></a> 

Note to international shoppers: my shop will be closed between January 24th – February 4th. To make sure your Valentine products get to you in time, please order before my shop closes. For everybody in the EU; you can still order after that; your products will arrive before February 14th.

Goodluck everyone! :) I’ll draw a winner in the week of February 6th.

Alright, I’m off to do some speed crochet – our friends just had a little baby girl, but because she was born two weeks early I hadn’t finished her prezzie yet…


PS Wondering why the shop’s closed next week? This is why… We’re going to Aruba!


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  1. JA ik wil (hoe liefde gerelateerd deze reply) Enjoy Aruba! Lucky you. Ik heb speciaal mijn haar laten groeien voor zo’n haarband.

  2. ik wil ook o.o :)) heb de banner al op mn facebook staan ^^
    denk dat een mooie haarband me niet zal misstaan

  3. That blanket looks spectacular! And will go so nicely with your footstool.

    Your creations are beautiful

    Have a good holiday

  4. Wow love your designs. I think the blanket is fab! Love the giveaway!

  5. That blanket looks so pretty! I love granny squares, they are so fun :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! :D

  6. I want to cover my couch with crochet, too. While you are in Aruba… I’ll be on a Carribean cruise! I’m so excited I can’t stand myself, so I bet you are too!

  7. Your projects and products are beautiful and always an inspiration to me! Hope you’re enjoying the fantastic weather!

  8. love the heart headband! too cute!

  9. I am late seeing your footstool cover, but it is gorgeous! Wonderful job. It looks so nice and neat! I love how clean the white looks.

    Aruba! I wanna go! Have a wonderful time.

  10. I’ve yet to try that pattern, I think it’s really pretty! What a beautiful giveaway, and have tons of fun in Aruba!!

  11. Aruba! I’m so jealous!

    I love your headbands — especially the blue drops :)

  12. Hi winkie! Thanks for the reminder, OF COURSE I’d like to enter your giveaway!! :) Sorry, but I keep losing track of my favorite blogs (because of all the motifs and Challengers I’m hunting out there *gg*). What are you still doing here anyway? I thought you had already left for Aruba, you lucky, LUCKY girl! :) Ohhhh, this picture of the beach just KILLS me right now! No, seriously: I hope you’ll have more fun that you can imagine, I know you will! And come back safely!

  13. Hi there Winki, so glad your happy about winning a little ‘crafte nook’ thingy, i hope you like it, i wont be able to get to the post office now till wednesday as i am at work till then, but i shall get it the post first thing.
    If you find at all that the ring is a bit big, just put it on when you do the washing up or have a bath, and give it a good old rubbing between the palms of your hands (wring it out a bit first), you should find that it felts up a bit tighter.
    Hugs Pixie xx

  14. The pattern design does look wonderful, and i think you should give it a try :) You are doing a really good giveaway he he, and I hope you have a good time in Aruba :)

    Have fun speed crocheting, its something I definitely cant do!

    • Hi Wink, thank you for the lovely comment about my motif, I love that blanket it’s what I would call a granny with attitude lol, your footstool cover is beautiful too, have a fabulous holiday :)

  15. Oh lucky lucky you, your destination looks simply to die for….can I come :D…just kidding!!!!
    Would love to be in on your amazing giveaway, the hairbands are just toooooo lovely
    Thanks for inviting me
    Lots of love Karen x

  16. Hi – thank you so much for visiting my blog and for leading me to your beautiful blog – you’ve made some really gorgeous things. Love the blanket – what pattern did you use for the squares? I’d love to enter your giveaway and will blog about it in my next post (hopefully tomorrow).
    Have an amazing holiday!
    Emily x

  17. What a lovely blanket/afghan. Love your headbands – please count me in on your giveaway.

  18. beautiful work i love the blanket but i think the bobbi pins are my fav.

  19. Jealous jealous jealous! I must win your giveaway to cheer me up :)

  20. Those heart headbands are really cute, please could I be entered in your giveaway?

  21. I recently saw someone else who made that blanket, Ill try to remember where and send you the link… it looked great- and Im sure yours will too!!!!

  22. what a beautiful giveaway, I would love to win any of these lovely things

  23. Volgens mij ben ik nog op tijd… Hoe kon ik het nou vergeten dat ik mee wilde doen, je spulletjes zijn zo leuk!

  24. En natuurlijk wil ik genoeg kans maken ;) Het dus getwittert!!/Versierseltjes/statuses/166200043454468097

  25. En last but not least: ook nog gedeeld op facebook! Als het nou nog niet lukt…