fat bottom bags, you make the world go round!

Bonsoir lovely ladies! Thanks for all your kind comments on my granny stripe blanket :)

I love Pinterest. Just the other day, when I was browsing for inspiration (cause you know, my ‘always-there’ big project is now finished, so I have empty project baskets! eek!) I came across this beauty from Eclectic Gypsyland:

… and I am still swooning over it!!! It’s so awesome and gorgeous and bohemian looking; I think it’s the perfect fat bottom bag EVUR.

I can’t believe I never saw it before; from what I read on Eclectic Gypsyland it was quite the rage a while back, and looking at Ravelry I’m definitely not the first one to swoon over this bag! (I present to you Exhibit A)

So naturally, I wanted to make one ASAP. Luck be it that I just happened to have some random granny squares in my basket, and I just picked one and expanded it.

The pattern is the easiest of easy. You just make one big granny square, about 30 rounds, and then you add a couple of rows of sc’s and you’re done! :) For anyone interested, the pattern PDF is here.

I really like the colors in this one :) So I’m on row 30 now, and unfortunately I’ve run out of grey. So I’m going to make the last round in pink, and then the edge in sc’s also in pink, but a darker kind of pink.
I went to an arts & crafts fair Saturday, and picked up some awesome leather bag handles to go with it! :) All I need now is to find a perfect lining… Also, I want to make a couple of flowers for embellishment, and maybe add a row of lace. We’ll see how it turns out :) I expect this bag to be finished in the near future!

Oh, and a picture of what I also picked up at the fair yesterday…

My very first skeins of Noro Silk Garden! <3 Don’t know what I’ll use them for, but I saw a couple of extra skeins on eBay for half the price of what I paid for these two… I’m thinking about making a Noro-licious fat bottom bag… Don’t tell my bankaccount ;)


ps I’ll be back later this week with an awesome feature on someone very special, who just happens to be a crochet rockstar! Stay tuned…

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  1. What a fun bag! I love the colors you picked for it!! But you really had me at your post title! haha!!

  2. Love the Noro. Very pretty. I can’t wait to see your finished bag!

  3. Wanties on the bag! That would be the perfect project bag.

  4. Hi spotted it the other day on Pinterest…love it too
    Good luck with yours
    Thanks for popping by. Aren’t I lucky? Kep getting up to look at it, as if it will run away!
    Sue x

  5. That’s a great looking bag. Can’t wait to see your’s finished – you’ve picked out pretty colors. :)

  6. Love that bag, very cute! Are you going to put lining into the bag? I always wanted to make a crochet purse but have no clue how to put a lining in.
    Can’t wait to see your finished bag! :)

  7. Wow I can’t wait to see yours! THis bag was a big succes in France some times ago, it is called ‘sac boule’ in French…
    And…I Love Noro too!

    Best From France


  8. I’m excited to see your bag finished! I almost bought some purse handles today, maybe I should now, I could use a cute little bag

  9. Ohh I want it too! Love your colours… actually I have some of those round handbag holders I could make one too!!!!

  10. Gorgeous colours, lovely inspiration too :)

  11. Love the colors of your square! :) I can’t wait to see the finished bag. I’d be so convenient for shopping!

  12. I love that bag! can’t wait to see the finished product :)