family crochet

In my last blogpost I promised you I’d show you a crochet rockstar.

Ladies (and gentlemen), I present to thee; my mom! :)

I knew she was super creative (it’s all in the genes, right?) but I had no idea she was *that* good with a hook and some yarn. Since I started to crochet about two years ago, she picked up her long lost skills again. But unlike me, she didn’t need an adjustment period. She just went *BAM* and started making these amazing garments, from scratch, without a pattern or anything! True rockstar quality people.

Let me ease you into what she makes, starting with a simple shawl. She made this using very cool yarn with lots of colors, giving it a playful and light look.

Pretty groovy, right? :)

And ofcourse, she also made a poncho. We’ve all made that poncho, ammiright? ;) She used lots of different kinds of yarn for this one, using her favorite colors: blue and white.

I really like the tassels she made!

Okay, on to the more serious stuff. My mom used to make clothes for me and my siblings when we were little, so she has a lot of experience with making garments. And that shows in her crochet work!

This bolero was one of the first things she made when she started doing crochet again.

Simple yet stunning. I love this bolero :) (oh and by the way, my mom just got back from two weeks in the Caribbean, so she’s very tanned. It really shows when she’s wearing white!)

Next  up is a shirt, made using granny stripes combined with that cool yarn from the shawl in a different color (blue, ofcourse!). I think she made this with a 2 or 3mm needle.

It’s awesome, right? :)

And last but certainly not least, this vest. She used a different color from the white frilly yarn she used in the bolero, and a tan, slightly glittery cotton for the body.

I love the stitch she used on the body!

Well, there you have it. I have a creative mom! Because crochet is not all she does; she also happens to be an exceptional painter…

Creativity runs in my family; I have lots of creative aunts, uncles and cousins. I plan to write more posts about this topic, showing off their talents! ;)

Do you have amazingly creative family members?



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  1. Wow, wat een knappe mamma heb jij!

  2. Wow, a mum is always the most influential person in ones life and you’ve got a Fab Mum.. she rocks!!

    She’s make some great things with lots of imagination.. love it all x

  3. I do actually :) not caribean btw, canarian :) do a post with all the crea familystuffs

  4. My older sister does amazing fractal artwork and my younger sister is a very talented quilter. I never really thought much about my mom being crafty, but she was… she just liked to dabble and try new things. She tried crocheting, knitting, wood burning, sewing… now she likes to play video games. ;)

  5. I like your mom! And I LOVE that scarf!

  6. heb je mooi gemaakt meisje, wordt er verlegen van… Love you X

  7. Wow Marinke…no wonder you are so creative! How wonderful to suddenly discover that your Mum is so brilliant with her hook! I love the first shawl and the last jacket especially… she could be making her fortune on Etsy! My Mum knits… she stopped for a long time, but when she hit 80 she was bored so I gave her needles and yarn and now she gets great pleasure from knitting simple things like scarves and coat hanger covers…nothing fancy, just enough to keep 88 year old hands busy! My eldest sister is a whizz on the sewing machine, my middle sister loves to paint glass, my daughter is an art teacher, my son a chef (creative in another way)… I LOVE that creative gene…long may it persist! Hugs to your Mum for being so clever! :)x

  8. You can see who you get your crafty genes from!

  9. Wow – that crochet is super yummy! I love love her work – nice one Mom!

  10. Your Mom is a great crocheter – I especially love the vest. :)

  11. Your mom’s stuff is gorgeous! She really is talented. I would love to make a vest like that last one. Very cool!