my scrappy book of awesomeness

Hello everyone!

I have this yellow vintage suitcase in my living room that I use to store and display all my magazines.

Now I only ever buy/read two magazines: Mollie Makes, which I get delivered from the UK, and Flow, which is a Dutch magazine quite similar to Mollie Makes; it’s super crafty and all about things like mindfulness and taking time to do what you like. It often comes with ‘freebies’ such as little notebooks, coloring pages, window stickers and what not. It’s really awesome; if it was in English I’d totally recommend it to you!

Anyway, I’ve been reading these mags for a while now, and the pile is really starting to build up in my suitcase.

Now combine that fact with these two links that I found the other day (via Pinterest I believe, I can’t remember):

I was SO inspired after seeing all those wonderfully creatively made journals! I really want to take this course, but my birthday isn’t till May, and I can’t wait that long ;)

So here’s what I did. I went through the ENTIRE stack of magazines, and cut out everything that I like, so; images, headlines, words, entire pages, stickers etc; just anything that inspired me and I wanted to keep for later. I ended up with a pretty big stack of papers; happy wink! :)

Next I took a big folder that used to be for my mortgage papers (I keep those somewhere else now) that I had lying around, and also gathered some different sorts of fabric from my stash, buttons, ribbons, zippers, lace – all things I already had in my stash.
I measured the folder and made a paper version of a cover, to see if I had gotten the measurements right. I did, so I cut the same shape out of very sturdy, pink fabric. And then… I just let my mind go wild! What followed was a 3-day insanely creative process of picking out images and embellishing them with buttons & ribbons, and sewing everything together on the fabric to create the most awesome scrappy book EVUR!

Ladies I present to thee: my scrappy book of awesomeness! :) This will be my go-to place for inspiration, a place for me to wind down after a long day, a place to be myself and be surrounded by things that I love.

A collage of all the images I used on the cover, embellished with buttons, ribbons, felt and lace. All sewn on my machine with different stitches & colors.

Inspirational quote on the spine.

Stickers on the inside of the spine.

Great image on the inside to conceal the fabric flaps. The ribbon is a bookmark that I won in a giveaway; it fits perfectly in my scrappy book!

On the inside is a pouch where I can store papers.

I used the leftover ribbons to make one big ribbon; I sewed it to the back and can now be used to tie the book. The one with the houses on it came with an issue of Mollie Makes.

The entire inside of the book.

The outside.

Because this was such a creative process I didn’t take pictures of the process. However, I am thinking about making a small version of this book, like a scrappy cover for a Moleskin notebook. Would you like to see a tutorial on that? Let me know in the comments! :)

I had the best time ever making this. I am currently filling it with scraps of paper sewn together. On some of them I put some lined paper so they double as journal papers. Because sometimes you just have to write about stuff :)

The thing I like best about my scrappy journal is that it’s 100% recycled! I made it with things I already had, I didn’t buy a single item for this. I think if we all look around our crafty spaces we can find incredibly inspiring things, just waiting for us to do something with them! :)

Well I’m off to go pack for tomorrow; I have a fair to attend to! :) My little sister is going to Africa this summer to help out orphans whose parents have died or are suffering from AIDS, and the church is having a fair to raise money for the trip. How awesome is that!


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  1. Wat is ie leuk!! Knap van je hoor!

  2. Oh Marinke, wat is DIT super leuk zeg! Ontzettend smaakvol gekozen en gemaakt, heb zoiets nog nooit gezien! Ben even jaloers op je ‘gouwe handjes’ !

  3. That is the most wonderful ‘Scrappy Book of Awesomeness’ I have ever seen in my life. Beautiful. Good luck with the fundraising tomorrow. xxx

  4. Totally, totally, TOTALLY cool! Love it. How fun.

  5. You did a fabulous job! I love all the colors, textures, and vintage loveliness :)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Even more special since you used what you already had and created the whole thing by hand. Definitely very awesome! Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Great idea – very pretty. :)

  8. Wat een creativiteit!! Lijkt wel of het steeds groter wordt ;)) Echt gaaf, eerlijk al die kleuren.

  9. It is absolutely completely and utterly awesome! Love it!!!! xxxx

  10. Wow, dit is echt een super mooi scrapboek! Ik heb er weleens zoiets gemaakt voor mijn vader met allemaal recepten erin. Dit zou echt een briljante map zijn voor patronen. Geniaal. Dit staat zeker op mijn to-do lijstje ;-).

  11. Oh excellent – fantastic idea and a brilliant way to keep all those things that inspire you :)

  12. What a brilliant idea Marinke….now where did I leave my scissors?…. Your squares will be blogged about tomorrow…. I hope you didn’t mind being left until last… I wanted to save the lovely colourful photos to finish on a bright post! :)x

  13. I LOVE your scrappy book of awesomeness!!!
    I also wanted to say thank you for your kind comment over at my blog!!
    It was very kind

  14. Im in love with your scrappy book it is awesomeness!!!!! Jxx

  15. Much better than Pinterest, love it!

  16. That is the cutest magazine holder I have ever seen!! That Flow magazine looks and sounds amazing… too bad it’s not in English! And your scrap book is amazing; I’d love to see how you did it!!

  17. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. In fact you always leave such lovely comments that make me smile! I can’t believe I never found your blog before, I’ve even checked your profile out before and still didn’t spot it – what a dope I am! Anyway, glad to have found you now and I love, love, love your scrappy book, it’s so awesome! I love that it’s all recycled and so unique – well done. (Tutorials are always good – jus sayin’)!!

    S x