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Hi everyone! :) Thanks for visiting.

Last weekend was the Africa Fair at my sister’s church. She and a bunch of people are going to South Africa this summer to help out orphans whose parents have died of are suffering from AIDS. To raise money for when they get there, they organized a fair last Saturday. There were lots of people there selling different things, such as water bottles, homemade chocolates, kids clothing and what not, and there was also an auction! The day was super fun, I sold a LOT of my products, and in the end the amount they raised was well over 5000 euros :) How cool is that?

Me at the fair with my little table of products

Next to me were two ladies who were selling handmade bags. They made them from thrifted vintage woolen blankets, have you ever seen something like that before? I feel instantly in love with all the bags, and I was eyeballing them all day to see if some of my favorites were selling ;) I guess you can guess what I did at the end of the day, when a gorgeous yellow bag hadn’t sold… That’s right, I snagged it! :D I figured that since I sold so much, and half of everything was going to Africa, I might as well purchase something, you know, for the greater good ;)

This bag is lined with vintage sheets, you know those really soft ones… She finished the bag by using velvet ribbons, wooden beads and some lace. My favorite part is the soft yellow heart! <3

If you want a bag like this I recommend you check out www.froekus.nl, where you can see all the fabulous bags she has.
Like this one…

Or this one…

So pretty <3

Oh and also cool about these bags is that they’re big enough to hold your knitting needles! ;)

I’ve been knitting a little since last time and I still love it! I cast on a cowl on circular needles, just to see if I can master them, and because I love this yarn!

I just love the colors!

I also got some DPNs to be able to knit these:

These are from One Sheepish Girl, and she used this pattern to make them. I think I’ll try to make them without Fair Isle first though; knitting with 4 needles is enough of a challenge for me! ;)


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  1. What a fantastic day you had.. and so lovely of you to introtuce us to your new crafty friends and the wonderful cause you all supported.. bravo to you all xxxxxxxxx

    Helen x

  2. Wat een geweldig initiatief! En wat een prachtige tas heb je gescoord!

  3. wat lief Marinke, dat je mijn tassen aan je lezers laat zien! Ontzettend leuk! We gaan gewoon door meid met het fabriceren van onze creatieve ideeën! Jij heel veel plezier met alles wat je maakt en tot gauw aan mijn keukentafel!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE that adorable bag! One question– on the pattern you linked, I noticed it said to crochet 2 strands held together. Did you do that?


  5. Congrats on having a good selling day. And it’s good to hear that the charity raised a lot of money. :)

  6. I love those bags too- what a great idea! Your stall looks fab, I really want to do that one day :)

  7. Congrats on raising all that money for a great charity! Your table looked great! And that yarn you’re knitting with is sooooo pretty!!

  8. Well done on all the fund raising, such a great cause. I went to Zambia 2 years ago to work with street orphans & I was heartbroken, so many children left with nothing or nobody, thank God for people like you who do something to help xxxx
    Love your beautiful bag, what a fab buy :)
    Lots of love KLaren x

  9. Well done at the fair. And at that yellow bag – it’s gorgeous!