fat bottom bags pt. 3

Hi everyone!

It took me a while to finish it, and so I apologize for the late post. But I promise you: this was definitely worth the wait :-)

Remember those two skeins of Noro I bought a while ago? Well, they decided they really wanted to become a bag, and not just any bag, nooooo; they had their minds set on becoming another Fat Bottom Bag! And really, who am I to deny them that pleasure? :) Of course, one does not make a FBB with just two skeins of Noro (I wish!). So I ventured onto the interwebs, in search of more skeins in the colorway I already had. Guess what? Turns out that colorway is discontinued… Crap. Alright, no biggie, there are more gorgeous colorways out there! I ordered three more skeins; each skein being a different colorway. All the skeins had more or less the same colors in it; browns, reds and greens.
I crocheted a large granny square (28 rounds instead of the 30 the pattern calls for), and then I ran out of yarn! I still needed at least one skein to finish the top and the sides, so I took a quick peek on Etsy and found 3 more awesome skeins in a colorway I hadn’t used in the bag yet. The good thing about Etsy? The skeins were almost 20% cheaper!

Alright, long story short: I finished the bag! :-D Ladies, and the occasional gentle man, I present to thee: my beautiful bohemian, Noro-powered fat bottom bag!
(click for a bigger image!)

(yes, I went a bit crazy with Photoshop, but this bag is so dreamy that the background just had to match the feel :-))

The Stats
Yarn used: Noro Silk Garden, colorways 265 (x2), 314, 282, 299, 84
Skeins used: 6
Pattern used for the bag: Raverly page with a link to the pattern, click here
Pattern used for the puffy flowers: Eclectic Gypsyland’s Puffy Daisies tutorial
Hook size: 5mm
Lined: yes, double sided lining plus an inner pocket for knickknacks
Time to make: all in all, I guess 2 days. One for the crochet part, and one for the sewing and embellishing part.
Total cost: 6 skeins of Noro averaging 9 euros a skein, 10 euros for the lining fabrics, 8 euros for the handles…
So in conclusion: priceless! ;-)

I lined the bag with some fabric I scored at a local market, where they sell left-over pieces of fabric for discount prices. I made the lining double sided, so that the checkered fabric would be on the inside, and the brown fabric on the outside, showing through the holes in the crochet. From that same brown fabric I created a little pocket on the inside of the bag, to keep my lip balm and pens in place.

I created the little logo using iron-on paper, and then sewing around the edges to give it that label-look. This is a great way to personalize anything you’ve made!

The top of the front and back are embellished with two different ribbons I got from the fabric market; one emerald green scalloped ribbon, with a smaller brown angled ribbon sewn on top. I sewed these on when the bag was still a square.

I used a lot of different beads to make this bag extra special. On the front I made two tassels with beads: one in an orange hue and the other in a green hue. On the back of the bag I used brown ribbon to string up some glass beads I won in a giveaway (thanks again Barbara!).

And of course, no bag can be complete without…
… a matching journal! I had a lot of fabric left over and I wanted to pimp my notebook with it. It’s really cool, when my journal is inside the bag, you can hardly see it: perfect for keeping secrets ;-)

I didn’t really have a good picture of the handles, so I’ll just tell you that they’re made from red rosewood and are super light and sturdy. Also they’re not too smooth, so they don’t slip off your shoulder when you wear the bag. Definitely a plus!

Because of the high costs for the materials for this bag, I am going to keep this baby for myself. My little bohemian guilty pleasure. I’ve only worn it outside for the first time today, and already got a bunch of compliments! :-)

Have you made something super dreamy or bohemian lately?


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  1. Wat is ie schattig met het kant! Ik ben denk ik halverwege, het project heeft weer plaats gemaakt voor een ander project. Ik ben altijd met vanalles tegelijk bezig ;)

  2. Holy moly!!! This is spectacular, I am so going to have to make another one. You did the Noro complete justice!

  3. woooooow how beautiful ! I love it! :)

  4. It’s so beautiful Wink! I’m not usually a fan of Noro but this bag looks so great in it. Adorable beads too, they really set it off wonderfully!

    S x

  5. Your fbb is just gorgeous. It’s kind of hard to believe that a simple granny square can turn into something so pretty. Great work with all the details. :)

  6. Love the bag!! Its beautiful with all those rich colors and pretty embellishments:)

  7. helemaal geweldig! kan me goed voorstellen dat je die zelf wil houden ;)

  8. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blanket <3

    My grannie did get a little wonky too, I think I was just lucky because it seemed to not do it too much. I think it might be because I crochet pretty tight? I dunno!

    Anyway, one tip I've heard is to attach each new row colour on a different corner, it's suppose to get rid of wonkiness. I haven't tried it myself but I've heard people who swear by it…

    S x

  9. I knew I’d love it and I’m not at all disappointed! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  10. This post is full of awesome! The bag is super cute, especially with that lining fabric, not to mention the sweet pocket with your label! AND a matching journal?! I’m so jealous of your sewing skills!

  11. Ohh Ive got such a bad case of the wanties… I want one just like it right now (with matching journal of course!) Jxx

  12. Your bag is so georgeous! I love also the fabric you choosed. The project is an eyecandy :)

  13. Love your bag. And I think your photoshop is very cool! I enjoy playing with it too ;-)
    Ana BC

  14. Well, I am late to the party, but this bag is absolutely amazing! I’m in love with it! I have started mine, but I didn’t have enough Noro in my stash…only one small skein. I will have to make one when I get to the fancy yarn store that sells it or I order online. Love, love, love your embellishments! How inspiring. I’m not sure that the instructions on that Japanese site are very clear to me. We shall see what kind of disaster I end up with. Ha-ha.

    • Hey Pammy Sue! I’m sure your bag will turn out great :) If you need any help with the pattern, just let me know!