without further ado

Gosh, I don’t even know how to begin this post… I’ve been away for so long that I don’t even remember how to open a new blog post anymore!

But I really do feel like I owe you an explanation. You, my loyal blog reader, who’s been reading my blog even when I didn’t post anything; who left comments on all social channels wondering where I had gone; who kept checking back here to see if had come back to life yet.

First of all: I’m sorry for my absence! I can’t believe I’ve been gone for over 2 months… I even missed my blogiversary, can you believe it?

And the weirdest part of it all is that I don’t even have a good, solid explanation for me not posting anything.
I guess life just happened, as it sometimes does.

Most of you don’t know this, but I am autistic. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, and because of that I haven’t had a job in over two years. Crocheting and being creative has really helped me a lot with dealing with my autism, and my blog was a great outlet for me, a place to voice my creativity and feel welcome and appreciated.
But of course, when you don’t have a job, you have no income. I won’t get into the specifics of my financial situation, but let’s just say that it was time for a change. And with that change, a lot of other things changed. I felt like I had lost my mojo or something! I was still being creative, but I just didn’t feel the need to share it anymore. I was really struggling to find my voice again, and because of that I have neglected the crafty side of the internet. I haven’t read any blog posts, haven’t checked my Twitter feed, and to make matters worse, I got a new phone which means that I am unable to post anything to Instagram… First-world problems, right? ;)
Seriously, my crochet mojo was basically non-existing for a long time.

But I realize now that I don’t need to have mojo everydayall the time. It’s totally fine if I don’t feel creative for a day, right?
So without further ado, I now announce that I will try blogging again! :)

I have missed all of you so so much, and I hope you understand where I’m coming from with this.

I *did* make some things in the last two months, and I can’t wait to share it with you all! :)

Much love,

ps my hair is now completely pink! ;)


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  1. Ik heb je inderdaad gemist! Welke reden je ook geeft voor je afwezigheid; eigenlijk hoef je je helemaal niet te verantwoorden hoor! Fijn dat je terug bent!

  2. Hello My Lovely Girl,

    What ever it is you need to do to get you back to where you want to be .. needs no explanation for me. I understand you completely.

    That type of thing happens to us that are not autistic too!

    Here’s to hoping the summer brings us brighter fun filled days, filled with pink hair and lots more for the purse.

    Its soooooo nice to have you back.. sending you a beautiful day,.

    Helen x

  3. jippie! It was my comment from yesterday that made you feel guilty, right? :)
    No, seriously – I’m glad you’re back! But don’t feel like you have to apologize for your absence, it’s okay to lose the mojo from time to time. I think it’s bad when blogging or even crafting becomes a pressure, it should be all about fun, right?

    • Haha yes Barbara, it *was* your comment that tipped the scales :) I had been meaning to get to blogging but your ping was the final push I needed.
      To fun! :) xo

  4. Pinkie Winkie, glad to see you blogging again!
    Now I have to find my mojo back and I’ll follow your lead ;)

    Thanks 4 inspiring me!

  5. It’s so good to see you back! You are so right that you don’t have to be creative everyday! I often go through creative funks and fear that I’ve lost my mojo too. But then you realize it never left… it just needed to recharge a bit!

    I can’t wait to start seeing some posts from one of my favorite blogs again! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been making! :)

    Hope all is well, and hope you have a fantastic week!
    Kate :}

  6. Glad to see you back Wink. Blog when you want to – we’ll be here when you do. :)

    • Thanks Debi! I have to play catch-up with your blog though – I haven’t read any blogs in two months!
      Thanks for sticking around :)

  7. Oh dear Wink. Sorry to hear about life challenging you in not only one way but many. Hope you are okay. Sometimes it is good to take a break. I will be here no matter what happens. Good to see you back. And I like your crazy pink hair. You are awesome. ♥ Annette ♥

  8. Very brave post. Sorry you lost your mojo for a while. It’s sad that you feel like you’d lost your voice for while, though I think a break from the Internet is good for everyone once in a while x