stripe study shawl tadah

Hi everyone! :)

Today I finally went out and took pictures of my long-since-finished Stripe Study Shawl that I knitted as part of Crafts from the Cwtch‘s KAL.

(yes, I’m ridiculously late posting about it)

This was my second knit project EVER, and I have to say that I love how it came out! The pattern was easy to follow, even for a beginner, and I would definitely make another one. The last rows took forever though, although they did do wonders for my knitting speed… ;)

Alright, time for some stats!

Stripe Study Shawl
Pattern by: Veera Välimäki, pattern on Ravelry here
Yarn used: Rico Design Creative Sport DK in white, Rico Design Fashion Tasai in green/blue
Amount of yarn used: 1,1 skein of the white and 4 skeins of the green/blue
Needles used: 4mm circular KnitPro wooden needles with a 120cm wire
Time spent: 3 weeks, knitting an average of an hour a day
Fun-factor: the first few stripes were fun but as the rows grew longer they became tedious to do, but once I reached the border the fun was back!
Overal score: I recommend this pattern to EVERYONE who knits! :)

In this pic you can really see how the Rico Fashion Tasai yarn worked up; beautiful emerald green stripes turning into almost grey stripes, with azure blue mixed in… I love it <3

Close up of the garter stitch.

And this is the back. I thought I’d take a picture of the other side because no one seems to do that ever ;)

Oh! And I made a shawl pin!

I used this tutorial from Eskimimi Makes: How to make a shawl pin using polymer clay. This tutorial is great for the Stripe Study Shawl! I used 3 different kinds of FIMO clay; a metallic white one, a green one and a silver sparkly one. I blended them together and made 2 pins; the above one is the one I like best :)

And there you have it! My Stripe Study Shawl. I could not be happier with it. I use it everyday, for instance when I sit at my computer and it gets chilly after a while: I just grab my shawl, wrap it around my shoulders, pin it in place and bam! Happy wink! :)

What have you been knitting lately?


ps To all you knitting-haters out there: don’t worry, I still crochet and haven’t *completely* crossed over to the dark side ;)

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  1. een waar kunstwerk!

  2. hij is schoon! mooi ook, die pin erbij. Professioneel!

  3. I absolutely LOVE it – the colours are so perfect and scrumptious and it makes me want to make another one in EXACTLY the same yarns. I can’t believe this was only your second knit project!!!! It’s beautiful!

    • You are too kind Sarah :) Maybe I’ll make another one just like it and gift it to someone… When is your birthday? ;)

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love, love, love it! And the shawl pin came out great too!

  5. Love the color, it’s gorgeous!!

    ps welcome back!

  6. Beautiful! I love the colours you’ve used and it looks great :)

    S x

    • Thanks Sandra! I’m currently going through a mint green period; I’ve already cast on a new project which uses white, lavender and yes, mint green yarn… ;) xo

  7. Wonderful shawl!!! I adore the colors, it’s absolutely gorgeous!!!

  8. Oh the beautiful colours, such an amazing combination of tones. Totally stunning.

  9. Beautiful!! And this is only your second knit project!? I’m jealous of your knitting skills! Your beautiful shawl makes me want to learn to knit even more! Your shawl pin is fabulous too! Great job!

    • Hi Kate! Yes, my second knit project EVER ;) And you should learn how to knit! But be warned: it’s very addictive… ;)