my slouchy ombre market bag

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by :)

First of all, I want to thank all of you who left such heartwarming comments on my ‘without further ado‘-post from last week. It really means a lot to me and I love you for giving me such a warm welcome back ♥

So the other day I came across this picture, I think I found it via Pinterest: (click on image to go to source)

I’m in love! These bags are so wonderfully deliciously groovy! Now coincidence has it that I was just in the market for a market bag (ha ha) and I found these beach bags to be very inspiring. Now I wouldn’t be a creative being if I didn’t come up with something like this myself, and I did!

I browsed through Ravelry to find a cool market slouch pattern that would fit my needs, and found it in this pattern: Super Self Pouching String Bag
I modified the pattern a bit: I didn’t create the double bottom because it wouldn’t be convenient with all the embellishing I was planning on doing.

The crochet-part of this bag went superfast. Before I knew it, I went through the entire skein of yarn pictured above :S Because I was planning on dip dyeing this bag to give it an ombre effect, I decided to continue in white yarn (the original yarn was a very light rose peach color) to add to the effect.
And it turned out great! :)

So then came the fun of dip-dyeing. I used Dylon fabric dye, diluted in hot water with some salt.
I used a plastic bin to put the dye in, and soaked it like this:

Looks disgusting right? I had never done this before, so you can imagine my excitement when it came out looking like this:

Perfect! :D As you can see I used two different colors to dye with: a dark rose and a purple one. I started out with the dark rose and submerged the bag about halfway. After it reached the color I desired, I spiced up the dye a little by throwing in some purple, and then dip dyed the very bottom of the bag.
Result: the perfect ombre effect ♥

After the bag had dried, I started embellishing. In my opinion, almost more fun to do than dip dyeing ;) I had a lot of options laid out on my craft desk; pearls, sequins, beads, lace, tiny roses and other cutesy stuff. I ended up using 2 different kinds of sequin, pearls and studs, and I made some pompoms.

And this is the result!

(there was gorgeous light in my office space tonight, but just as I snapped this picture the batteries died :( all the following pics are less impressing because it got a lot darker once I recharged the batteries)

I hand sewed on these pretty transparent sequins that show all colors of the rainbow when there’s light on them ♥

I made some pompoms as decoration. Originally I intended to make a bunch of white ones and toss them in with the dye, but – I forgot. And of course, I didn’t remember until right after I emptied the dye bin… Oh well. These are pretty, too :)

Yes, I had more awesome sequins in my stash! These are pink orangey flower sequins, and also reflect the light in the most beautiful colors.

Also found some pearl beads that I got gifted from my sister – they add a very posh look don’t cha think?

And last but not least, I added some studs! With pink gems, of course.

There you have it: my way-too-posh-for-market-produce market produce bag! :)

I can’t wait to take it out to the market next weekend. If this won’t make my veggies & fruit feel fabulous, I don’t know what will!


ps I’m currently going through a pastel-phase (like it wasn’t totally obvious, like) and my hair decided to join in on the pastel (and ombre) fun!

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  1. Oh wow, you are super clever! That dip dying looks awesome!! And I think your bag looks better than the ones you based it off of! Super fun hair too!

    Have a great week!
    Kate :}

  2. erg mooi geworden!! You are so creative!!! <3

  3. What a fun bag project! I really like how yours turned out!

  4. I love love love it! En natuurlijk wil ik m ook maken ;) Maar misschien is het een goed idee om eerst eens mijn big bottom bag af te maken. Of mn sjaaltje. Of mn plaid, Of of of… So much to make so little time ;)

  5. Wow, love how this came out!

  6. Oh my! You are quite the creative being! I love how your bag turned out and all of your embellishments. Very groovy indeed. ;) Peace out.

  7. your work is beautiful and omg, i love your ombre hair!

    • Thanks Danielle! :) And thank you for replying on my comment on your blog – I checked out her site and just fell in love with EVERYTHING I saw ♥ Seriously, I have a mad crush right now! ;)

  8. Wow, what a difference the dye makes – love it!

  9. Oh my Gosh! This is the most amazing bag! I’ve never made any dyeing before but this is worth a try! Your bag turned out tooooo gorgeous!!!
    Thank you for sharing! Great day to you! :)

    • Hey LS, thanks for stopping by! :) I really like this bag, too. Tomorrow I will *finally* use it when I go to the market!

  10. HI there! I see your mojo is back! Nice work. Love it. A question… I am completely not a tech person… How do I add RSS and Bloglovin to my blog. Can you tell me any trix?

    • Hey Annette! Well, I see you’re on Blogspot… If you Google for ‘add RSS to Blogspot’ or ‘add Blogspot to Bloglovin’, I think you’ll find tutorials and hints of how to do it. If you don’t figure it out, let me know and I’ll help you.
      Good luck! :)

  11. wow that bag is awseome!! cracking job!! – and your hair well *swoon* xx

  12. Fabulous and just more fabulous! I love the bag you’ve created and I always love fancy colored hair ;)

    • Well then stay tuned Ronnie, because my hair will change color again very soon ;) And thank you for your kind words!

  13. Oh so pretty – you’ll definitely get lots of compliments on your bag at the store. :)

  14. Gorgeous! Those bags are inspired. I’ve looked through the bags on Ravelry… never thought to do what you’ve done with these. Well done!

  15. love love love the bag and hair. You’re so brave to die your hair all the time such wonderful colours I have been a different colour once in my life and it was just boring brunette and it too me so long to get back to blonde I’ve never been came to die my hair again.

    • Yes, it takes some guts, but once you go colorful, you never go back ;) And that goes for hair dye as well as yarn!

  16. How well are you looking these days!!! And your bag is just as beautiful too!.. sending you all good things x

  17. What a great bag! I saw it on crochet boulevard…love your hair, too!