gift giving and more mandalas!

Hello sweet blog readers! :)

I don’t know about your parts of the world, but over here it is hot hot hot! We’ve been having typical crazy Dutch weather, meaning it’s 30 degrees Celsius one moment, and epic thunderstorms the next. Oh well. Only in The Netherlands, right? ;)

Anyhoo, there were some birthdays in my family coming up, and guess what my aunt & cousin asked for? Right. Something handmade. Of course, I should have known ;) So then begins the difficult task of trying to figure out *what* they would like to get *and* would still make them squee when they get it.
I thought about it, and I thought about it, and I thought about it, and I came up with this for my aunt:

I used this groovy yarn I brought home with me last year from my trip to the Czech Republic. I love the Autumn-y colors in it and I thought it would be perfect to create a nice ‘keep-warm’-set with! :) I decorated the armwarmers with some on-the-fly flowers and real wooden buttons I won in an auction a while ago.

Well, it was spot-on because my aunt was very happy with it! :) She didn’t squee though, but I think that’s because that is just not how she rolls ;)

And then my cousin. She’s a couple of years older than I am and still very much into everything that’s kawaii and cute, so I came up with this:

Cute no? :) And yes, she squeed when I gave her this! Mission accomplished. I got the pattern from Ravelry, here.

So yesterday I went to the birthday bash, which was at their home where I hadn’t been before. They were having an outdoor barbecue, and besides that a BBQ is supposed to be outside there was another reason why they were having an outdoor party:

♥♥♥ They. Live. In. A. Working. Windmill! ♥♥♥ I took this shot right after a big (but fortunately short) thunderstorm went by us and left us with a kick-ass rainbow!
I really envy them. The windmill is in working condition and my uncle is the one responsible for keeping it running. We got a tour when we arrived and went all the way up in the windmill, to where all the ‘guts’ of the mill are. I was surprised to learn that most parts are made of wood, and they use different kinds of wood for different parts, so for instance they use wood that doesn’t split, or wood that can sustain large amounts of pressure. It was really impressive to see the inside! Man my family rocks :)

I’ve also been crocheting for the upcoming craft fair in September. (which, to be honest, I am *so* not ready for!) I’ve been very into the mandala-spirit as of late:

This first one is a peacock-inspired mandala. I’m planning on making 2 or 3 smaller mandalas to go with this one, to create a wallhanging piece.


I like it. There’s something very comforting about creating something using only colors and rounds of dc’s :)

The next day I made another one, but this time I was inspired by a Mexican/Spanish looking wall rug I saw in a movie somewhere:

This time, I used rows of dc’s and sc rows to make the colors sit closer together. I reaaaally like this one! :) Close-up of all that colorful goodness:

This means happy colors in Spanish, according to Google Translate. So if it means something else entirely, like peanut butter sandwich, don’t look at me! ;)

I’m planning on selling these mandalas at the craft fair. If they don’t sell I’ll probably put them in my Etsy shop. (you know, after I clear it from all the cobwebs…)

What have you been up to this weekend?



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  1. We love Mandalas… Alex in particular loves twirling them… I´m thinking of making some mandala dream catchers.. what do you think?

    Lucky Aunt and lucky you to be having sunshine rainbows over the windmills!!! :-)

    Loving the blog.. sending you the best of everything xxxxxxxxxx

    • Of course Alex loves them! I should have known :) And mandala dream catchers, well, I think you’re on to something!
      Thanks for stopping by Helen :)

  2. These are all so gorgeous! Of course they loved them :) That is so interesting about the windmill … my grandfather is from The Netherlands and their house is all decorated with windmills. I will defintely have to tell him about your family living in one … how cool!

    • Hi Kara! I know right? I still can’t believe it :) My uncle’s been a windmill ‘fan’ for as long as I can remember; it’s so cool that they now live in one!

  3. The gift for your Aunt is so pretty, and I think that little bunny is so cute. Love the mandelas too. It’s so cool that your Aunt and Uncle live in a windmill. Have a great day. :)

  4. These mandala’s are gorgeous. Which pattern did you use to get these flat circles? I have been using the pattern of attic24 but it creates waved instead of a flat circle.

    • I actually *do* use that pattern! If you find it becomes ripply and wavy instead of flat, try a round of just dc’s without increasing. I alternated increase rows with regular rows to create these mandalas. Just go with your gut; you’ll see when you have to do what :)
      Good luck!

  5. What lovely gifts wink, love the colours in the arm warmers and that little wabbit is so cute. Fantastic windmill and a rainbow too what a beautiful picture. Your mandala’s are so colourful, I think I like the happy Spanish coloured one best. I have been trying to knit on 4 needles this weekend tied myself in knots a few times haha :)

  6. Hi Wink – it’s me again.

    If you participate in blog awards – I have an award for you on my crafts blog –

  7. Beautiful gifts of course, but I can’t stop looking at that windmill picture!! What a beautiful photo, and what an amazing place to live!!
    Kate :}

  8. What awesome gifts, I would ha beloved to receive them your aunt and cousin are very lucky! You know I’ve never seen a real working windmill before, imagine living in one!

  9. I love your interest in mandalas, which give me and Idea, there is a site whereyou can see different mandals for your taste colour horescope feelings crikey there are millions of comnos to be made if you got ends of wool;