overlay crochet mandala CAL!

Hey people! :)

So the past few days have been amazing; some of my pictures were featured on craftgawker.com (here and here) and I got a mention from The Creative Crochet Crew on Facebook, and as a result my visitor stats are through the roof! I literally could not believe my eyes when I checked into the admin-part of my blog. So many new people have visited! :D

I wanted to do something to welcome all those new people. The most popular post of the past weeks is definitely the overlay mandala fun post, so I thought: why not organize a CAL? :)

The pattern we are going to make is this one:

The gorgeous Overlay Mandala no.1 by CAROcreated Design!

And here’s my version, for inspiration:

Now Carola has generously offered a 10% discount on the pattern for EVERYBODY who’s participating in this CAL!
If you would like this discount, please let me know in the comment section. I will then send your info to Carola, who will provide you with the discount code for purchasing the pattern.

After you received the coupon code, you can then purchase the pattern here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CAROcreated

When it comes to choosing yarn, I leave that all up to you! :) When I made my first mandala I used Drops Paris by Garnstudio, and a 4mm hook, mainly because I always have Drops in my stash.
So choose your favorite yarn in your favorite colors, add a matching hook size, and you’re off! :)

This pattern is for people who’ve been crocheting a while, know the difference between front loops and back loops, and know how to make frontpost and backpost stitches. But if you’re a beginner, and still want to make this pattern, I say go for it! :) That’s what CALs are for, to learn new things and to ask others questions if you can’t figure it out on your own.

I’m aiming to start crocheting this pattern in the next week, so August 13th. Monday will be my day of blogging about the progress.

I’m super excited to get this CAL started! :)

If you’d like, grab the banner below and add it to your blog, Facebook, Twitter or G+…

<a href=”http://www.acreativebeing.com/2012/08/08/overlay-crochet-mandala-cal/” target=”_blank”><img title=”mandala_CAL-banner” src=”http://www.acreativebeing.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/mandala_CAL-banner.jpg” alt=”” width=”720″ height=”200″ /></a>


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  1. I want to make this gorgeous mandala and I’ve never managed to catch a CAL at the beginning! Yay! So excited! Put me on the coupon code list and let’s get started!!!

    • Great Cindy! :) I’ll add your name to the list.

      • I just got it but I have to admit, I let my excitement get me all confused while I was placing the order (between PayPal and euros/dollars and my Etsy receipt looked like it was going to try to send it to my snail mail somehow…) I can hardly wait! I’m going to get some projects finished so we can start this! How/when? I’m new to CAL.

        • Well the aim is to start next Monday, but you can start/finish whenever you want to. The goal is to show all finished mandalas in a month from now, but if you finish earlier or later than that, that is totally fine too! :)

          • Great! …okay, so now I beg advice… I don’t blog as often as I want to and I’m still learning the ins and outs at a snail’s pace, it seems. I tried to copy and paste the HTML for the banner onto my blog and can’t figure it out. Any ideas?

  2. Count me in! I’ve been eyeing that pattern for awhile.

  3. dont know if I can do it but I sure would love to try thanks to my sister for posting it

  4. Hi! I want to join the group! I saw the pattern a few days ago, and I wanted to try it. This is a good motivation to move from desire to action :)

  5. Congrats on the traffic. Your version of the overlay mandala is terrific so I’m not surprised that it’s been catching on all over the web!

  6. Put me on your list…can’t wait to get started!

  7. These are gorgeous!!

  8. Just got this pattern a couple of weeks ago so am excited to catch this crochet along. It will give me an excuse to actually work it up.

  9. Congratulations on all the features and new readers! Count me in- I’ve never done a CAL, but it’ll give me an excuse to finally try this beautiful pattern!!

  10. I would love to join you!

  11. Hi..my first CAL..seen this pattern couple of days ago..love to join thanks..

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  13. Can I still join the CAL?!?!?!?!?!?

  14. oooh, gorgeous! i’d love to join too, please :)

  15. The mandala is beautiful. I’d love to join in the fun!

  16. Hi, I know, I’m a day late…am I too late for discount etc??

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  18. beautyfull work, I write from Argentina, and love crochet .
    tranks for this photos
    best regards

  19. This is so beautiful! Count me in.

    • Hi Jan, and welcome to the party! :) Your name is on the list; you should receive the discount code soon.

      • I’m so excited about this! I ordered pattern but didn’t see where to put the code in. And I hope I ordered it right (for US).

        • If you have any questions about the Etsy order process, you can contact Carola herself via Etsy. She’ll answer all your questions :)

  20. Is the crochet along for the Overlay Mandala over? Am I too late to join in?

    • Hi Carolyn,
      Yes, the CAL is over and has been for a while ;) But feel free to order the pattern regardless; it’s a wonderful project to crochet and the end result will make you happy, I guarantee it! :)

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  22. Is it too late to be able to do the mandala? This is beautiful. Is the price code still available?

    • Hi Joyce, thanks for visiting. This CAL has been over for a while so unfortunately no, the discount is no longer available. We are having a new CAL though in the new year with another overlay mandala, so stay tuned! :)

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