mini holiday + starting the mandala CAL!

Hey gang! :)

So last weekend I was officially O.T.G., or off the grid. We decided we needed some R&R and found this really cool treehouse, just an hour cycling from where we live! We booked it for two nights but ended up staying a third because it was just so groovy :)

the cabin in the woods, aka our treehouse

the view from inside the cabin

Ofcourse there wasn’t a whole lot to do, but that was sorta the point of going somewhere so secluded and primitive! I did take my knitting with me, as I am still working on the Color Affection Shawl. It’s slow progress but steady, and you have to keep in mind that I am knitting it with 3mm needles and lace weight yarn… What was I thinking ;)

Look, there I am, knitting! :)

This morning we took our bikes and journeyed home through some gorgeous sights:

All this, and just minutes away from my home ♥ I had a blast, and I really want to go again!

There was some misfortune though… As we cycled home I was really tired (because we took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up an hour out of our way), and somehow I slipped with my foot on the pedal while wearing slippers, and I just couldn’t stop myself from falling over. Hard. On my knee. Scraping the asphalt. Ouch :( And because I was just so tired I immediately started sobbing… So yeah, not exactly the home coming I had imagined! But I’m fine, my knee isn’t but it will be, and I’m home now so that means…

It’s time to start the Mandala CAL! :)

The response has been overwhelming; at the last count there were 12 ladies participating!

Most of you have received your pattern discount and have bought the pattern, so we are good to go! If you haven’t got it yet, don’t worry, it’s on its way.

I was thinking of opening a Flickr pool for the CAL, so everyone can post pictures of the progress in there. I will then, once a week on Monday, blog about everyone’s progress :) Sound good?

I’m really curious as to what yarn everyone will be using! I’m going with my ol’ faithful Paris Drops cotton yarn. I haven’t decided on the color scheme though, so you’ll have to wait until next week to see what I have come up with :)

Alright I think that’s it from me today; good luck with your mandalas and if you have any questions, leave a comment on this post! :)

Edited for update: The Flickr Pool can be found here: and anyone can add their photos to it! :)


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  1. Hi *wave*

    Your break looks wonderful!!!! As you know I’m just back from holiday and have yet to purchase the pattern, pick yarn or sort myself out! I shall get to it this week!!!! :)

    • Oh good you’re back! :) Awesome. I’m not quite ready either, I have to admit I wrote this blogpost with my eyes half closed because I’m just spent! Anyhoo, take your time, I’m sure your mandala will be stunning :)

  2. Och erm! Das geen fijne afsluiter van je break! Het ziet er wel geweldig uit zeg! Lekker relaxen!

  3. Just finishing up a pillow back, and then I will start my Mandala. I am going to use my old reliable Lily Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. I already have so much of it I may not need to buy any. Can’t wait to try this!

    • I’m glad to see you’re using that, too! I went to three different stores looking for a sport weight cotton but couldn’t find any I could afford to buy several balls of for the color changes. I already have quite a lot on hand as well.

  4. It’s Tuesday already. I hope I’m not too late as school has started again, which minimizes my crafty time enormously. ;-) What about Instagram to upload pictures?

    • Instagram would work, except for the fact that I no longer have an iPhone/Android and so, no Instagram for me! But feel free to post your Instagrams to the Flick pool :)

  5. How do we post pics to the Flikr pool? That’s another thing I haven’t done before.

  6. First, I love all those pictures!!! That treehouse looks amazing! Since I was little I’ve wanted to live in a treehouse… Anyways, very excited about the CAL! A flickr pool sounds great! I’ve actually finished my mandala and am working on sewing in ends, but I’m thinking of making another because I love the pattern so much!! Perhaps I’ll try a different hook size, as my G hook might have been a little too small with the acrylic worsted weight yarn I used…

    I hope your knee feels better!
    Kate :}

  7. What an amazing break .. so peacful and soooo dreamy. I’m glad you had a good time.. how are your aching limbs after your long ride back?

    Regarding your CAL.. I’ll join once I’ve got my nieces bog done … sending you a million hugs xxx

  8. I got so excited about this pattern CAL, that it made me start up my crochet&knit blog. Pretty good so far…I finished off rnd 12 last eager to finish so I can start another one and use more subtle colors. Not sure where to post this but there is an error in rnd 11. on last line [1sc in next 3 sts of rd 10] it should be rd 9. Not sure if anyone came across this one. Anyways i will post an update on my blog and mention it there….loving the pattern so far. :)

  9. That little tree house is just the coolest. Hope your knee heals quickly. :)

  10. It looks really cool to be in a tree house, I remember making tree houses as a kid. It looks like you had a good little break. I hope your knee will be ok though, sounds like you had a bad fall :( decided to do a blog post :)