and now for something completely different

Hey gang! :)

Had enough of those pesky mandalas yet? ;) Today I though I’d post about something entirely different.

Remember a while ago I was knitting a project bag using a pattern that looks a lot like faire isle knitting? (see one of the images in my blog’s header)
Well, last week I finally got around to finishing the darn thing! :) It was almost finished really, all it needed was a border to attach the handles to, so I sat down and just, well, finished it :P (interesting story here, don’t cha think?)

Anyhoo, so my sister-in-law mentioned that I was sewing in my linings all wrong. Yup. And she went to school for it so I guess she knows what she’s talking about ;) So I invited her the other day to come over and show me the proper way of sewing a lining into a bag! :)

The bag with the handles attached, waiting to be lined

She brought interfacing and batting with her for me to use. So professional!

Here she is measuring out the batting to sew to the lining we had already cut out

Sewing half an inch thick batting to fabric proved to be somewhat troublesome for me, so my SIL kindly took over and did some parts for me :)

After an afternoon of sewing, ripping apart sewn together pieces of fabric and batting (oh yes, there was a lot of that going on!) and cursing my sewing skills and the machine, it was finished! :)

I’m so proud of my knitting skills :) Look at all those color changes!

Closeup of the fabulous bag handles

And here’s the lining! All professionally sewn in, so there’s no visible sewing on the outside of the bag. I didn’t do it 100% correctly though (and it still eludes me as to how this happened) but if you look closely you can see where I zigzagged the batting to the lining. Yeah. That’s not supposed to be showing…

The bottom of the bag, worked in garter stitch.

It works wonderful as a project bag; here it is holding my Color Affection Shawl! :)

And there you have it people; one finished knit & lined project bag that took me almost 4 (FOUR!!!) months to finish! ;)

I used a pattern from this designer on Ravelry:
The pattern seems to have vanished from her library… That’s what you get when you take so long to complete something so simple :P
The pattern’s back online again, here:

Right, I’m off to create more stuff for the upcoming craft fair. (only three more weeks! Eek!)


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  1. looks fab! well done :)

  2. Geweldig! zo doe je dat!

  3. It’s beautiful Wink, what a lot of work has gone into it. So neat and perfect :)

  4. Great job, it’s beautiful!! (Your tablecloth is beautiful as well!)
    Have a great weekend!
    Kate :}

  5. Hij is geweldig! Wat ben je toch handig!

  6. Very pretty bag and the lining looks just perfect. I think 4 months for such a large knitted bag is pretty good going!

  7. Was wel leuk om te doen :)) heel mooi geworden en netjes voor je eerste keer hoor;) heb alleen geen idee wanneer je die foto’s van mij hebt genomen XD

  8. Very pretty bag – and I love the sparkly handles. :)

  9. Gorgeousness and very professional!