mandala CAL – tips & tricks

Hey everyone! :)

Well, the mandala CAL is nearing the end, so I just want to let you know that from now on it is no longer possible to purchase the pattern with a discount.

We are going to keep crocheting for one more week though, and then it’s competition time! :) Yes, that’s right. I’m going to host a competition right here in a week from now, and you get to vote on your favorite mandalas! The winner will receive CAROcreated’s Mandala no. 2 pattern! How awesome is that :) Thank you Carola for so generously donating this groovy pattern to the winner!

Alright, I thought it would be neat to share some tips & tricks with you guys, to help you finish your mandalas in time for next week, and to make them look even more groovy & beautiful than they already are! :)

Tips & Tricks

  • First, a rewind of a tip from last week from Hazel from Hazel’s Crochet: she had some trouble after the first 4 or 5 rounds; she couldn’t seem to find the right loops to work the following rounds in. Her solution was simple: mark the first loop you need with a stitch marker, for easy spotting in the next round!

This tip has helped a lot of people, including myself! :)

  • And now a trick for finishing rounds. I always use an invisible join instead of a slip stitch. When making circles in crochet, using a slip stitch to join can become real ugly real fast…

    image c/o Sarah London

    But when you use an invisible join, the ugliness disappears! :)

    image c/o Sarah London

    Click on one of the images or here to go to this tutorial by Sarah London to learn how to do an invisible join!

  • And if you thought *that* was a neat trick, check this out: instead of starting your rounds with a slip stitch to attach the new color, you can also start with a standing stitch; making it impossible to spot where you began the round! :)

    image c/o GoCrochet

    And at the end of the round, join with an invisible join and voila, no more slip stitches making your crocheted beauty ugly! ;)

    image c/o GoCrochet

    Click one of the images or hereto go to this tutorial by GoCrochet to learn how to do a standing stitch as your first stitch of the round.

And that’s it! Some killer tips & tricks to make your mandala the most professional looking, awesome mandala out there :)

Remember; voting starts next week, so be sure to get your mandala’s into the Flickr group pool before then! :) If you don’t have a Flickr account but would still like people to vote on your image, send me an e-mail and I will upload your images for you.

I guess that’s it from me for now! Be sure to check out the Flickr pool again because my oh my, some real gems have been added over the last few days! ♥


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  1. thanks a million for sharing all these tips! i bet they will be immensely helpful for me. and i totally agree with you, plenty of gorgeous mandalas in the flickr pool :)

    the yarn i ordered a loooong time ago finally got here today, so i’ll be starting my very first mandala today! i’m so excited :)))

  2. This is exactely the way I join the rounds. :-)

  3. I’ve really been enjoying seeing the mandala pictures. I’m a real crochet beginner, but those tips are awesome!

  4. Hoi! Superleuk je gisteren ontmoet te hebben! zal zeker vaker op je blog komen!!
    groetjes, Nancy

  5. Wat een geweldige mandala’s!!! Krijg gelijk zin om die eens te gaan proberen :0)


  6. Hi, even zo want ik kan nergens contactgegevens vinden hier.. ; )
    Jij had op het blog van Esther (Happy in Red) gereageerd op de vraag wie er twee haakpatronen wil testen voor Robin Magazine. We zouden het super vinden als je dat zou willen doen!
    Zou je mij willen mailen? mrjlnvnlntrn at

    Groetjes Marjolein

  7. Awesome tips! After I learned the invisible join and the standing stitch to start there was no going back! i always despised that tell tale line that appeares with slip stitch joins. Although I haven’t been participating in your CAL I have been following. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  8. This is wonderful, I’m excited, how can I get a scheme

  9. Wink-I was wondering if there were any corrections needed with the Overlay Mandala No. 1 pattern ? I saw that Round 11 needed correcting. I am on round 18 and seem to be having trouble. I know…I am the slowest CAL participant and haven’t finished but it sure is a fun project to work on! Let me know if there are any other changes. Thanks! Vicki

    • Hi Vicky! As far as I know the pattern is correct except for that one change in round 11 that you mentioned. Mail me at winkieflash [at] gmail [dot] com with a picture and the trouble you’re having; I hope I can help! :)

  10. I have given you the Sunshine Award.
    Head over to my blog to check it out.
    Happy Sunday.
    Tania :)

    • Hi Tania! That’s great news, thank you! :) I’ll blog about this soon; I recently got another award that I completely forgot to blog about, so thanks for the memory spark ;)