we have a winner!

Hi everyone! :)

I hope you all had a smashing weekend! Mine was very cool and busy too; on Saturday I had the first band practice with the all-girl band I am now a member of (as a guitar player) and it was awesome! One of the songs we played was Sex on Fire by the Kings of Leon and I have to say, being able to play that song myself makes it so much cooler! ;)
On Sunday D and I went to a theme park together with my brother and his girlfriend, my sister, my cousin and her girlfriend and another cousin. We had a blast! We had this cunning plan to take the wild water ride/slide (you know, the one where they take a picture of you) and make a funny face while the camera flashed, so we’d have a cool picture to take home with us. The plan succeeded, however, when we went to collect our pictures there was a systems failure in the picture processing machine, so we were told to come back later. When we did, we found out that they lost our pictures :( So that was a shame, but all in all we had a hilarious day!

Alright, enough of that. I know why you’re really here… You want to know which mandala won last week’s competition! ;)

A lot of commenters said that it was hard to choose from so many beautiful mandalas, and I can’t blame them! All the entries were stunning, and I really have to say that everyone who participated (even the ones who didn’t finish their mandalas in time for the competition) did an amazing job!

Drum rolls please… The winner of this mandala CAL is…

Petals to Picots!


Congratulations to Kara from Petals to Picots; your mandala won with a whopping 47% of all votes! :) The pattern for mandala no. 2 is on it’s way to your inbox!


Alright, I really have to get going, seeing as the craft fair is THIS WEEKEND and I have so much stuff to do! I will probably be crocheting all week this week to get everything ready before Sunday.

So it probably wasn’t such a good idea to start a new project… ;) Last week I came across this gorgeous picture on Pinterest:

Amazing isn’t it? This is a vintage afghan, found on Etsy here (unfortunately it sold already).

I really liked the pattern, so I sat down, figured it out and started an afghan myself! :)

I’m using left-overs from my Lucy pack (that I used to make my first afghan, a granny stripe). I’m choosing the colors at random as I go, and I’m really liking how it looks so far! I am now 15 rows in, and I expect this to be a long-term project, because it is 220cms/86″ wide, and has to fit our kingsize bed… Something to work on during the craft fair perhaps! :)


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  1. Congratulations Kara, that sure is a beautiful mandala!!

    That vintage blanket is amazing, and you’re so clever for figuring out the pattern! Is it just single crochets with a double crochet into the row below? Love how yours is turning out!

    Kate :}

    • Hi Kate! Yes, it’s single crochets alternated with a double crochet after every ten stitches, all back loops. Easy but so much fun! :)

  2. Oh, wow! Thank you so much!! That is so awesome and I am so excited to try her other pattern. All the mandalas are so gorgeous! Thanks so much for hosting the CAL … it was so much fun! And thank you again for the opportunity to win the other pattern!!

  3. Congratulations, Kara! And fun with Mandala No. 2. :-)

    And congartulations, Marinke. You are brave to start such a project. It looks great!

  4. Congratulations to Kara well deserved her mandala is beautiful. your Afghan is going to be beautiful Wink I love the colours so far :)

  5. Congratulations to Kara, your mandala is beautiful, I’m looking forward to the next one!

    And Wink: this is gonna be a cool blanket, it’s a pattern you don’t see every day, very unique!

  6. Yeah Kara! A fantastic job! I think your new blanket is a great project for working on in between and when you need a break from other work.
    I also think it’s awesome that you’re in a band! Girl guitar players rock! I hope you guys have a great time – do you have a name yet??

  7. Congrats to Kara!

    Love the new blanket – very pretty. :)

  8. Oh My Goodness, what colourful, patterns, I am so happy to see all of these fun subjects

  9. para mi hoy fue un diá de felicidad encontrar esta pagina de tan hermosas labores. felicitaciones.

  10. Thank you for sharing,really very nice!