at the craft fair

Hello beautiful people, and happy Monday to you! :)

Last weekend was the craft fair, where me and 49 others got to display our arts in Hengelo at the Hip & Handgemaaktmarkt. (hip & handmade market)

The weather was beautiful, so we were very lucky because all week the weather was basically touch and go; showers here, sporadic sunshine there, mostly overcast days… But not Sunday! :) They call it Sun-day for a reason you know ;)

Alright, are you ready for a picture-heavy, info-loaded post? Grab a cuppa, get comfortable and let me take you for a ride! :)

This was my ‘booth':

It was a good spot; right across from the pavilion where a lot of people were chilling, and about halfway the fair, so people *had* to walk past my stand. Unlike last year, when they put me all the way at the end, where I missed a lot of business.

Right next to me was a lady who sells these hearts, made from thrifted and found materials. I really like them :)

Someone who sold jewelery, but what really caught my eye was these cute decorated jewelery boxes!

Two ladies who sold gifts for newborns and their mommies, like these cute canvases with wood and crochet combined! They also sell lots of cute amigurumi, such as storks :)
no website, but can be contacted via 

Next up, these amazing button bracelets! This woman also does custom items, where she creates bracelets from buttons that are special to you.

And then, there were these… Amazing handmade leather satchels with the brightest colors you’ve EVER seen! I’m still bummed out that I didn’t take one  home with me – I mean, look at them! Who wouldn’t want to walk around with such a kick-ass pouch! ;)

This stand was totally cute; they used cupcake liners filled with rice to display their stacked rings in :) They also sold adorable brooches!

This made me laugh; they had a chair with a sign that says “Need a break? Come knit with us!”, and there was some knitting on the table, all ready to go :) They sell adorable baby items!

This girl sells necklaces, all made using a knitting doll.

A lot of typographic action going on here: one lady was stamping shirts with old letter stamps she found thrifting; and another used those same stamps to create tiny pieces of art! These are also on my ‘I-wish-I-got-them’-list…

Now this was something very different, and very cool. This company decorates light bulbs! I’d love to have a colorful one to brighten up my bathroom :)

This was one of my favorites at the fair. This lady sold everything from felt items, wool, novelty yarns, art yarns, very gorgeous and expensive but totally amazing mohair mini skeins, and thrifted vintage crochet afghans!

And last but not least, my neighbor, who I shared the stand with. She sells old letter boxes filled to the brim with knick-knacks she finds at thrift shops, yard sales and in old drawers. With those items (which she describes as ‘well-fare junk’) she creates spaces; some look like a living room or a bedroom, and others are meant to inspire and amaze. Well, I was amazed! :) She also makes altars.

And that’s it! :) Well, not all of it ofcourse, but these were the ones that caught my eye. But really, everyone who was there made amazing things, and I came back truly inspired!

My sales went well; I got the entree fee out of it and a little extra, so all in all I had a good day. But it has to be said: the Dutch are still not used to paying a little more for handmade items! All I heard all day was ‘Why would I buy that if I can make it myself?’… I guess they’re right up to some level of course, but when you think about it; if you think you can make it, would you actually take the time to sit down and make it?


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  1. Lots of cool, beautiful stuff at the fair – I’m glad to hear you did well. :)

  2. Wow, blij dat ik daar niet was, zou errrg hebberig worden ;-)
    Hele leuke dingen allemaal. Goeie zaken gedaan dus. Mooi werk!

  3. Wow wat een boel leuke dingen zeg!! Heb je nog een beetje verkocht?

  4. Oh wow, lots of incredible makes!! Your table looked beautiful and I’m glad you did well! I find that some people also don’t appreciate the time that it takes to make something, so they just aren’t willing to pay what it’s worth! Maybe a little sign on your table that says “I know you could make it, but do you have the time?” might help persuade people? haha Anyways, looks like it was a really fun day, and those little boxes of trinkets your neighbor makes are so fun! I could spend forever looking into each little mini world…

  5. wat een leuke dingen allemaal, daar word je echt wel blij van, en je wilt natuurlijk alles kopen wat dan wel weer een aanslag op je portemonnee is , Jouw stand zag er ook leuk uit. ;-)

  6. “Why would I buy something I could make by yourself?”
    Well, because you’ll never do it! ;-)

    We have costumers in our store who asked exactely the same. They come to sneek and look for ideas. I mean that is okay, but why do they have to say it out loud? It’s ridiculous and they don’t even notice. But then, we have to focus on the ones that are happy to look at all the beautiful things.

  7. Wat een leuk blog en ontzettend mooie foto’s! Bedankt dat je mijn site noemt:)

  8. Sorry I didn’t come along sweetie!!! Next year I’ll be there and you’ll do even better I bet :D :D I sense you’re gonna make it as crochet-artist ;)
    I’m a bit flabbergasted tho how tough they audience can be… Why would they go to a fair, probably stealing ideas, while stating they could do the same thing. I don’t see them preparing so much work (of good quality), pay for a stand and spend a whole afternoon trying to sell stuff? My point is made :P
    At least I admit you inspire me, before I steal your ideas ;)