now what?

Hi everyone :)

As the title of this blog post says, after all the busy days of preparing for the craft fair and the previous CAL, I now experience a feeling of “now what?”. The CAL went smoothly, the craft fair was a hoot and a half, so what do I do now?

Well, there are a couple of options.

But first let me show you what *my* addition was to the mandala CAL! :)

Pretty cool huh? :) I love the colors I used for this mandala. I have to say again how much fun it was hosting the CAL! :) So I’m sure that there will be another one in the near future ;)

But in the meantime; what do I work on now?

For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook (which you can do right here) it might be neat to take a look at something I’ve been working on before the craft fair. I call it the Nautilus:

I used my multicolor Stylecraft DK yarn for the center, and cheap acrylic yarn for the outer wedges. This pattern actually has you making a second ‘wing’, but because I ran out of time before the fair I decided to leave it as is and just put it on display in my booth. It got a lot of attention :) But now that it has come back home with me, I’m thinking I might finish it the proper way, both wings and all.

So that’s option 1! :)

I recently cleaned my craft room/office space, and I actually found some Noro! Can you believe it? I think they’re leftovers from my fat bottom bag.

Recently, Mad Mad me has released a cool pattern to make wristwarmers with, and with the cold weather that has been surrounding us lately, I’m thinking it’s a great way to use up those pretty scraps of Noro! :)

So that’s option 2…

And if that won’t keep me busy, I can always work on my groovy-ghan some more! :)

Here it is hanging over the back of my chair in the craft room. I just love this pattern! It’s so darn groovy :D

Well, it looks like I will be able to keep myself busy for at least the next few days… ;) What about you?


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  1. your mandala is absolutely stunning! love it!! and big yay for discovering forgotten noro yarn :D

  2. WOW! That mandala is breathtaking. Really groovy! Me jealous!

  3. Yes I can understand that empty feeling.. hahahah… but like you I have a blanket that I work on with all my scraps to keep me busy.. I like those wrist warmers though.. they’re really funky and would look fab on you! Make those too!!!

    Sending lots of love and happiness your way xx

  4. will you post the ‘groovin afghan’ pattern ?

  5. The mandala looks great! I always have a couple of projects in knitting and crotcheting to keep me busy, i switch from one to another, just what i like at the moment. And i m also learning on my sewingmachine to make little bags, so i have to little time for all that i want to make! But i believe we all have that probleme sometimes.

  6. Love how that groovy afghan is coming along! I really enjoyed your CAL, but I never posted my final product. I did blog about my new mandala obsession, and there is a picture of my Mandala from the CAL there as well. Come see…

  7. Your mandala is very pretty – and I love the nautilus doily pattern – thanks for sharing the link to the pattern. :)