quick hooky + giveaway

“Thank you kind people, for giving me the encouragement I needed.”

No really, after my last post where I didn’t quite know where to start, I got my crochet mojo flowing like never before and whipped up these in one night! :)

The perfect wrist wraps! :) I used this pattern: Mad Mad Me’s Mad Wrist Wraps.

It took me about three hours to make one pair. I modified the pattern a bit so I had enough yarn for exactly one pair. I was using one of my lost & found skeins of Noro, that didn’t have a lot of yardage on it. As it turned out I didn’t have enough (booh!), so I finished the second wrap with a shell edging using a different colorway… but it’s not so bad you notice, right? ;)

Yes! I love them :) Because of the thumb hole, these wrist warmers stay in place and don’t slide down your arm (or up your hand) like some other patterns do. They’re perfect for sitting at the computer because your hands are warm, yet your fingers are mobile! ;)

My advice:

“Go forth, and make ye some wrist wraps!”

But wait, didn’t I have some other skeins of Noro left over? What did I make with those? Well…

That’s right! :) I made another pair of wrist wraps, and they can be yours! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post; I’ll draw a winner next week! :)


ps For all you crocheters out there who want to make this pattern themselves: head on over to my Facebook fan page to win the pattern! I’ll draw a winner as soon as the page hits 500 likes! :)

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  1. Love Noro yarn. Such yummy colours! What a cute pair of wrist wraps.

  2. Superleuk!! Die wil is ook helemaal mooi zeg, ook hier doe ik graag mee! ;)

  3. These are gorgeous…pinned them with the hopes of making a pair in the future. I have a sort of similar pair I bought last year that are falling to shreds from wearing them so much.

  4. Mooi hoor, echt knap wat je allemaal kunt maken. Deze zouden wel handig zijn op de scooter ;)

  5. Great work! I think Noro is just the best.

  6. I’ve never used Noro. But I will because it looks great. Knitting is not a dream I’ve heard. So what’s your opinion?
    Anyway, your writs warmer are beautiful. :-)

  7. I am going to have to check out that Noro yarn. Your Mad Mad Wrist Wraps turned out great.No, you can’t tell that you ran out :-) Thanks for the giveaway I have my fingers and toes crossed.

  8. Love them wink, such lovely colours :)

  9. You’re so sweet to share with us!! I knew they were Noro as soon as I saw them. Just love it. I totally agree that thumb holes make a big difference. I’m heading to facebook to see about that pattern too (just in case!)
    Thanks so much!

  10. Ohhh! So lovely….Never bought any Noro, wish I could!!
    Take care

  11. Lovely, lovely!

  12. Lovelovelovelove!!! :D

  13. I love crochet but I’ve never made wearables before. I love, love fingerless gloves since my hands get so cold,even with the heat on full blast in the house during winter!!! Lovely!

  14. Nice! They Seem even usefull for Autumn fishing, and with the thumb holes you dont have to pull them off your hand while pulling in that big fish you wished for.

  15. Gorgeous! Love the colors :)

  16. Aren’t you a clever girl making the most out of your yarn stash! I shall have to make a pair for Alex ( my son) as he has trouble fitting his figers in normal gloves!!!!. its a great idea thank you xxxx

  17. These are gorgeous!

  18. So cute!! You can send me a pair!!

  19. those are beautiful! I need the pattern as well!

  20. I love these, the colours are gorgeous x

  21. Everyone is looking at the wrist wraps, but i’m eyeing your nails too! Such cute polish. I can’t get enough funky color polish lately. Not to mention so perfect with the wrist wraps!

  22. Love these – great colors

  23. I have made fingerless gloves before but they weren’t ANYHWERE near as lovely as these! Love, love, LOVE the pattern!

  24. These are super-cute! Wish I could follow any pattern to save my life…. But, alas, I do all my crocheting off youtube tutorials. :/ Thanks for the peek! :)

  25. Gorgeous! Thanks a lot for sharing at my link party. Hope to see you back again next week. Oh and I love to enter your Giveaway :-)
    Enjoy your day!
    Best wishes from Holland,

  26. This is so pretty! I will have to find some Noro yarn and make myself some with a matching slouchy hat.

  27. I love these! You did a beautiful job!!

  28. Oh I’d love these!!!! (I know, I can crochet, but how nice to have something made by one of your fave online bloggy friends!?!) xxxxx

  29. Beautiful. My daughter would LOVe these.

  30. I want them, they are so cute!!!!! =)

  31. Love your wool and colour choice Wink….there’s a certain flow going on here….could really use a pair of those wraps….be great if pre-made, but will look on your fan page and see what I can find.