blog planning
I’m working on my blog planning with the cutest post-its EVER…

embroidery hoops
I’m hoping to spend some time on these. Last week I ModPodged some vintage embroidery to blank linen and started doodling around them. The plan is to use watercolors combined with gold paint and sharpies to fill them in…

vintage sewing box
I want to beautify my old winter coat with some vintage doilies I have lying around. This is my sewing box, on the windowsill in my craft room, and when I look outside I can see that Autumn is definitely here…

peace love yarn magnet
…but the view inside my craft room is just as nice! :)

Don’t forget; you can still enter the giveaway to win a pair of Mad Wrist Wraps! (giveaway ends this Wednesday)

What are you planning today?


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One Comment

  1. Beautifying your coat with doilies sounds like a great idea – I will be very interested in seeing it when you’re finished. Have a good day. :)