Hey everyone! :)

Haaaaaaave you met Stephanie Davies? She’s a bloggy friend of mine whom I met through Instagram (back in the day when I still had access to Instagram… sniff) and have always stayed in touch with, and who recently started her own blog!

And she’s off to a good start with her first published pattern; a completely adorable Overlay Crochet Heart. I couldn’t resist, since we all know how much I love overlay crochet ;)

So I decided to try out her pattern. Result number one: a fail.

I messed up the beginnings and the ends of the rows, making the heart all scrunched up :( And silly me, I thought the pattern was faulty for not providing increases where I thought they were needed. So I made another one, this time with some impromptu increases…

Much better; it lays flat, it has nice rounded edges, but… this is not how the pattern is written!


For the third attempt I decided to just follow the chart (which you can find at the end of the pattern, both on the site and in the PDF), and this time around, I think I nailed it :)

The ‘edges’ of the sides of the heart are much neater than the previous heart, where they were all bundled up together.

Some stats:
Yarn used: my trusty go-to cotton yarn, Drops Paris
Hook used: 4mm G hook by Clover (the Japanese yellow hook)
Time to make: about 20 minutes for each heart because of the color changes
Happiness level: 7/10

I loved making these hearts, even though they were a bit tricky at first. The overlay part makes them look really interesting, and I love that last round of chains; it adds texture. I think if you make two hearts and crochet them together with filling in between, you got yourself a nice (Christmas) ornament! :)

Head on over to Stephanie’s cool blog, A Bag Full Of Crochet to find the pattern.

I found that the hearts make for perfect coasters…
cup of tea on a coaster

What are you making today?


ps Is it just me or do you save all the yarn scarps after a project is done too?

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  1. Ohhh they look lovely and would make great garlands too!

    I’m finishing off my teddy bear’s head today … and planning a lazy weekend looking around a craft exhibition here in Cardiff.. yay… sending you a happy fun fulled weekend xxxx helen xxxxx

  2. Very pretty heart pattern. I’m heading over to check out your friends blog – thanks for the link. :)

  3. Thank you Debi! I’m glad you like it and thanks for checking out my blog :)

  4. Cute hearts!! Have been wanting to make some for a while; and am sure I will.. eventually. Just finished a daisy square for charity and was contemplating the bag full of scraps, Never used to save them, but decided it was pretty silly to throw them out; now have enough to stuff a standard-sized bed pillow!!!