pinterest finds

Hi everyone! :)

Here’s something to keep you busy, entertained and inspired on your Sunday! These are some of the coolest things I have found on Pinterest (all crochet related of course).

1. The cutest (and smallest) crochet snails I have ever seen!

2. This amazing gypsy circle vest, found on Etsy (which unfortunately sold already):

3. A cute amigurumi monster thingy. Yup. And is it just me, or does everything get cuter when it’s made in rainbow colors?

4. A tiny tree in a tiny bottle. I’m in love ♥ Free pattern!

5. For some Autumn inspiration; this gorgeous scarf from Sophie Digard.

You can find me and my boards on Pinterest here.

Happy Sunday! :)


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  1. I am Pinterest addicted. I love all the beautiful yarn, knit and crochet. It is so inspiring. It is like getting to open up a new version of your favorite magazine every day.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Hello, you can find the circel vest pattern here. number 99-3. It is very easy to make!!! Look at Google pictures to see more variations.