tools of the trade

Hello sweeties :)

I thought it would be fun to show you my tools of the trade; the tools I cannot live without; the tools I use on a daily basis!

I have quite a collection of crochet hooks. Really, it’s amazing how many crochet hooks one gathers after only crocheting for 2 years! ;) But the ones shown here are my absolute favorites, and they are the ones that I have lying around at the ready.

clover crochet hooks
First up: my Clover Soft Touch hooks. The one on the left is actually my first crochet hook EVER ♥ I bought it together with a small skein of cotton yarn and a cute little book on how to crochet small amigurumis :) The G hook is the one I use the most and is my go-to size for my go-to yarn, Drops Paris.

There’s just something about these hooks that make them perfect. They’re not too long so they don’t strain your hand muscles, and the material the actual hook part is made of is very smooth so it never snags on the yarn.

You can buy these hooks at almost any LYS and online wool shop and they’re a great bang for your buck!

Next up: my gorgeous, handmade polymer clay covered Boye hooks ♥ I got these pretties on Etsy, from PolymerClayCreations. I think I bought just one to start with, but was immediately in love with the beautiful decorations, so I ordered all ‘regular’ sizes! I have them in these sizes: 3.25, 3.50, 3.75, 4.25 and 5.00. The hook on the right is the one I used to make my granny stripe afghan with! :)

Whenever I use these hooks in public, people always ask me about them. I’ve also bought from this seller whenever I needed a gift for a hooky friend or relative, and they’re always a hit :)

I think I payed around $8 for each hook, which if you ask me is a great value for such a stunning and handmade product!

Sometimes you need something bigger, and for that reason I have these babies! The top one is a handcrafted wooden hook from Craftwich Creations, which I got as part of an online auction. It’s an H/5mm hook but it feels more like a 6mm to me. I used it to crochet these gifts for my aunt. The one on the bottom is a 7mm Addi hook, which I don’t use a lot. I keep it around when I need to cast off knitting or when I’m crocheting with very bulky yarn, and I really only have it because it has glitters in it ;)

I really like the feel of the wooden hook; it’s warm to the touch and it weighs practically nothing, so it’s very relaxing to crochet with!

Often forgotten in lists like this but just as important to us as hooks; scissors! :)
These are my regular clippers, and it’s good to have more than one pair because they tend to wander around a lot ;)

The one on the left is my favorite; it’s a snipper and as such has extremely sharp shears, making it perfect to cut just about any type of yarn!

The one next to that is a pair of kid’s scissors. I usually grab these to throw in my bag whenever I’m traveling and want to work on a WIP. They’re not sharp at all but get the job done, so I don’t have to worry about them poking a hole in my bag.

The two on the right are just extra’s really; their main purpose is to be available whenever the other two are missing ;) They both have very sharp points, so I usually hide them when my friend brings her kids around! Seriously, I dropped one of them once and it almost chopped my toe off!

And there you have it. My tools of the trade; my precious little babies, gathered and collected through the years, to have and to hold, and hopefully never lose sight of.


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  1. I have a collection of different hooks too but the Clover are my favourite by far – so comfortable to use – so I bought the set which covers all the sizes I’m likely to need. My largest hook is 25mm which is for crocheting yarn strips :)

  2. I love this. I am about to buy a Clover hook, I think they are really a must when you start to crochet a lot. I also love wooden hooks, and I had one size 3 which I loved but unfortunately it broke. :( thank you so much for sharing the etsy shop, I really love it *(:

  3. Beautiful hooks. The colorful polymer clay and soft touch ones look very comfortable, but the wooden hook is my FAVORITE!