free pattern: groovy-ghan!

YAY! Free pattern day! :D

A while ago I stumbled across the most amazing vintage crocheted afghan on Etsy and I knew I had to make one just like it!

Because I couldn’t find a pattern anywhere I sat down and figured out the pattern myself :)

Nieuw voor de nederlandse lezers: het patroon kun je hier vinden, volledig in het Nederlands! :)

What do you need:

  • a crochet hook (I use a 5mm hook)
  • yarn (I use Stylecraft Special DK)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a darning needle

Let’s get started! :)

1.  Start by chaining 40, plus 1 for turning so we keep an even stitch count. (this is just for the example; when you make an afghan the count doesn’t really matter! just make it as long as you would like the afghan to be wide)
So: ch 41

2. Turn and work a sc in each stitch, by putting your hook in the bump on the back of the chain. This creates a neater finish. You could also use a chainless single crochet foundation stitch; if you choose to do so, you can skip step one.

Continue until you reach the end of the chain. Cut the yarn and pull through the loop on your hook.
So: sc 40 (40) 

3. Make another row of sc’s, but don’t turn your work! We are working from right to left here, every single round. Start with a standing single crochet by making a slip knot on your hook and starting the sc like you normally would, and crochet in the back loops only. (remind yourself to crochet all sc’s in the blo’s from now on)
So: blo, sc around (40)

4. Now it’s time to change color. We’re going to do this after every row from now on. With the new color, starting on the right hand side, start with a standing single crochet stitch, and sc 5, back loops only. Then make a double crochet but put your hook through the stitch in the second row below, using the ridge of the front loop. Make 10 single crochets and make another front loop double crochet in the second row blow, and repeat this till the end of your work. (when making the dc, skip a stitch when making the next sc. the dc counts as one stitch)
So: blo, sc 5, *fldc in 2nd row below, sc 10* (40)

5. Change color again, start with a standing single crochet stitch on the right hand side and single crochet 6 times before making the front loop double crochet. If you look at your work, you can see that you are moving the double crochet one stitch to the left on each row, so they sit next to each other! :) You no longer have to count your stitches; just single crochet in the dc from the previous round and then make a front loop dc next to that.
So: blo, sc 6, *fldc in 2nd row below, sc 10* (40)

If you continue in this fashion you’ll quickly see the dc’s creating diagonal lines across your work. And that’s all there is to it! :) Easy, right?

I made a baby blanket with this pattern for a customer:

Yup, pretty groovy! :) Enjoy making your groovy-ghans; be sure to show me your progress! :)


Little disclaimer: This is not my pattern. I didn’t come up with it myself; I only figured it out from a photo. If this offends you in any way, or if you know the original source of this pattern, please let me know.

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  1. Dear Winkie – I love your crochet work. Your designs are beautiful, bright and inspiring. And your blog is so lovely. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this pattern. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time. Much love to you!


  2. Absolutely beautiful and original.I really like it!!!

  3. This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! It’s definitely going on my list to make someday!
    Kate :}

  4. I am in love with this blanket! Thanks so much for sharing your brain power with us! This is next on my list of beauties to make!

  5. It’s lovely Wink thanks for figuring out the pattern, I will give it a try one day :)

  6. What a fun pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wat is ie mooi geworden! Als ik nog een project kan handelen, zal ik m ook eens gaan maken ;)

  8. I love it! I’ll definitely have to make this one.

  9. I made one of these years ago in the 70’s

  10. Can’t believe you posted this. My grandma taught me how to crochet when I was young and been doing it now for ovewr forty years. One of the last things she made was an afgan like this. So for you to post this awesome. Will try doing. Also great for scraps. Thank you.

  11. Hi Wink! Great job! I love a Happy Afghan! Can you tell me how you did the ends/sides? fringe maybe?

  12. I had a poncho like this in Autumn colors. I have been serching for this pattern! Thanks!

  13. I haven’t seen this pattern since the early 1970’s when I “discovered” crochet and taught myself how to make all sorts of wonderful things from yarn & thread. Every magazine back then had crochet ideas galore and I wanted to try every one. Only tried this once and promptly lost the directions…thank you for bringing it back!

  14. Hij is gaaf!! Dank je wel voor het patroon. Ik zat alleen te denken, kun je hem ook maken met dc en treble in plaats van sc en dc? Alleen maar sc vreet garen en duurt nogal lang :)

  15. Thank you for sharing this pattern! My granny crocheted this design a lot with her leftover yarn. I have two afghans from her like this — they are my favorites! I’ve searched for a pattern before as well. I did find one a couple of years ago. I’ll send a link if I can remember where it was. :-) Thank you! Yours is lovely!!

  16. Hallo Wink,
    Wat een geweldige deken heb je gehaakt, mooi al die kleuren! Geweldig dat je het patroon hebt uitgewerkt en met de rest van de wereld deelt. Super bedankt!

  17. Love the pattern and your blanket – thank you so much for taking the time to write out the pattern for all of us – definitely going to make this! :D

  18. This is very groovy, indeed! I’m going to give a whirl in just three colors – baby blue, pink and lavender… I think it will be adorable for a blankie in our kitchen sitting area!

    thanks so much for the clear and easily decipherable instructions!


  19. This is a dream come true!!! My grandmother made me a blanket with this pattern and somewhere along the way it went missing. :( I _loved_ it and the colors she chose…definitely a 70s palette!! Since I didn’t have the blanket I didn’t know how it was made but I’ve been searching. To see your post on the Crochet Blvd. party made my day…week..okay, year!!!! Thank you a million-trillion times for sharing this pattern!!!!!!! Love!!!!!!!!

  20. Can’t wait to give this a try. Wondering about finishing, though. How did you finish yours?

  21. I grew up with a wonderful aunt who crocheted all the time , so lovely to see a funky modern twist . Thanks for sharing x

  22. I totally love this pattern! I appreciate your posting it. Ive already started, and love that you don’t have to count too much.

  23. Hola, WINK. Me encanta este patrón. Pásate por mi cocina que te he dejado un regalo:
    Besos y a tejer!!!

  24. I was given an afghan with this patter 71 years ago – when I was born. Than you for working it out! I have looked for it often!

  25. I love how your mind works! You really appreciate color and pattern. I want to grow up to be just like you! The only problem is that I think I might be old enough to be your mother! ;)

  26. getsie ik kan geen foto plakken … BEDANKT voor het gave idee!!! Ben nu 1.5 week bezig en heb al een aardig stukje deken :-) ik wordt er helemaal blij van…

  27. My Mother made a bedspread out of this pattern for me. It is beautiful.

  28. I had an afgan like this in my car when I lived in Hawaii and it was stollen! I was so sad cause I had been draggin it around for years from Ohio. I’m setting down right now and making a new one! Thank you soooo much!

  29. Hi there :)
    Really love this pattern, thanks for sharing.


  30. Love the pattern so original, however I couldnt grasp all of the abreviations, I use uk terms so translating that was fine, but got stuck on a couple of terms (so) and (*fldc) I hope I’m not too daft but would really appreciate your help. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern.

    • I, too, do not know what the above abbreviations mean. Look forward to your reply Wink, and thank you so much for this beautiful pattern. Sue

      • fldc – Front loop double crochet.
        “So”, i don’t think that is an abbreviation, she is just stating the next steps in the crochet terms.
        I started mine a few days ago, and it is working up nicely!

  31. awesome! me and my mom were just looking at a blanket exactly like this one wondering how to make it and here it is! thank you so much for sharing :)

  32. whoa! does this ever call to my hippy side of yore!! thank you for putting in the time to figure it out and posting it!

  33. I just finished my blanket but didn’t think of going around the edge to finish it off. Kinda like it the way it is but may consider adding the border. I posted pictures on Knitting Paradise and received many favorable comments. Thanks so much for pattern.

  34. Found directions sketchy…does the beginning of each row only have 6 sc or does that number go up one with each row? Not sure I’m doing this right. Please help…I love the afghan.